As is known to easry Owner of the Chevrolet Lacetti Car That The Body Is Poorly SoundProof, The Designers Did Not Take Factor in the Development. ALSO Poor Sound Insulation in the Wheel Arches. In Winter, When Traveling, Snow and Pieces of Ice are Heard, Hitting On the Wheel Arch. In the Summer, a lowrequency rumble is heard from theses and the Reflection from the Asphalt of Sound Waves, the Sound Penetrates Through the Car. And Also When Traveling on Pits and Tram Rails, A Rumble from the Rear Shock Absorbers is Heard. A Vibration Rumble is Creed Throughhout the Cabin, from the Hind Wings, They Have No Noise, and Pass the Noise and Sound of the Road. SO, with the noise insulation of the car with your Own Hands Lacetti, The Car Needs a Full Sound – And Sound Insulation. The Main Task Is to Reduce The Vibration that Occurs in the Rear of the Car. FIRST You Shoup Sound As You Sound Rear Racks. Having Removed the Sheathing of the Rear, You Can Make Sure that is No Insulation from the Noise. There is a decrative panel on the surface of the Body, as well as the wiring of the rear headlights and the glass -gunner tube. IS Worth Gently Disconnect The Wire Connectors, The Tube is Also Removed. Inter Removing the Decoating Panel, You can Alread Use The Vibrocardy.

DIY Noise Insulation of the Car Lacetti Vibrodemopfer Is Superimposed with a Thickness of 2 Mm. A Whole Sheet Is Glueed, In Some Places You Will have to Messes Around, Gluing a Piece. After Gluing, We Expect When The Material Dries, The Next Layer Is Superiminating the Material of the Stream of the Splan, 4 Mm Thick. In the Lacetti Car, The Right Stoic Is Glood with A Whole Sheet, and Left-Handed.

IS ALSO WORTH Thing ABOUT THENISE INSULATION OF THE CAR WIRO OWN HANDS LACETTI WHEELED Arches. They Are Processed by Dampers and Sound Absorptions in 4 Layers. The Process of Laying a Vir and a Sound Absorber Will Be Called a Multi -Layer Vibrodembter, Or in Other Words – Sentwich. As for the Area, The Coating Goes to 90 % of the Total Car. And Also Covered with Vibrodampfer Hind Wings, Bottom of the Trunk and the Back Wall Between The Trunk and the Interior.