Golf’s popularity in Ireland is only growing

Most of all in this article we want to tell you about Irish golf. Why about him? Yes, because it is so popular in Ireland that they have even developed such a direction in tourism as golf tours.

There are over 300 professional and top-quality golf courses and clubs on the entire island. The game of aristocrats is incredibly popular here. Ireland is simply a mecca for golfers. Among those 300 clubs, many are considered among the best in all of Europe. This elite sport is played by both sexes. And golf clubs are generally a separate world, where many people try to get into, emptying their wallets, but not everyone succeeds. Clubs have their own captains, presidents, and secretaries. It is possible to get into some clubs only with their permission, or the recommendation of someone already in the club. And no amount of money will help if there is no official invitation.

Only with the approval of the president of the club and the golf committee does something happen in the club itself, right down to mowing the lawns on the fields, and this is a very serious issue and a rating indicator. You cannot plant an extra flower without the knowledge of the above-mentioned ones.