Do -yourself noise insulation.

Only Cars of Expensive Brands Have High -quality Sound Insulation. While the Owners of Cars of the Cheaper Segument are forced to endesseve noise coming from the outside. In this case, The Way Out of this Position Will Be the Noise Insulation of the Car with Your Own Hands. The Nissan Brand Is the Car that Will Require a Minimum Number of Operations.

When Carrying Out Noise Insulation, SoundProofing Sheet Material Vibrooplast Is Offten Used, Which Copes Well with the Tasks. IF Necessary, You can usther Materials in Combination with Vibrastlast to Absorb Vibrations that Occur whet.

To make noise insulation, it is Necessary to Disassemble The Car. Noise Insulation is Usually Carrried out in the Doorway, Under the Hood, In the Trunk, Under the Roof, In the Cabin and In Other Places that Car Owner Choosses Depending Un His Desire. In this case, it Will Be Necessary to Remove the Old Isolation, and the Place of Attachment to the Body Need to be Well Degrease and Cleaned. When Gluing Sound Insulation, The Material Must Be Thoroughly Smooth Out.

You can Glue the Vibroplast in Various Places, At the Discretion of the Car Owner. You can Also SoundProof The Car Completly. BUT at the Same Time, One Shoup Not ForGet That Will Be a Significant Increase in the Mass of Details. For Example, When Gluing Doors, Their Mass Will Increase, And At the Same Time An Increase in the Load on the Loops Will Ocur. This Affect Their Closing – Opening. Therefore, it is not necessary to us a lot of Material on the Moving Details of the Body, When The Noise Insulation of the Nissan Carried Wit Yur Own Hands, While the U U U U U U U U SE of SoundProofing Material in One Layer Requires.

With Partial Sound Insulation, it is necessary to first demine the sources of noise and, depending on this, Carry Out the Isolation of Certain Areas. MOREOVER, if the room of the Road is work, The Doors and Panels Under the Wheels are Isolated. IF Complete SoundProofing is Carried out, The Floor, The Space Behind the Control Panel, The Ceiling are Processed. In this case, it be necessary to dismantle the Internet sheathing of the Cabin and the Control Panel, It Will Also Be Necessary to Remove the Chairs.

When Gluing SoundProofing Material, It is Necessary to Thoroughhly Clean The Surface, This Will BEARANTEE THE MATERIAL Will Stick Well Off With Time. AFTER All Work on Sound Insulation, it is Necessary to Check the Performance of the Lifts and Handles on the Doors.