Fines in Finland

OUR Article is Addressed to Tourists Planning Auto Travel in Finland. A certain interlter The Car Traveler Is of Information ABOUT THE FORS FOR FAILURE to Comply with The Rules and Requirements in Finland. The Rules of the Road in Finland are Fullly Complies with the Rules Adopted in the Russian Federal. The Intensity of the Movement of Vehicles in Finland is Low, So there are no particular problems in compliance with the rules of the Road. Finns are law -abiding, and for years the go, without violating the rules of the room. To a certain EXTENT, This Due Not only to National Characteristics, But Also By the Value of Fines and the Inevitability of their Payment. Road Traffic is Perfectly Organized. Finnish Police Do Not Hide in Roadside Thickets with Radars. Their Goal is to Ensure Traffic Safety, and Not Fulfilling The Planned Indicators for the Capture of Drunk and the Sum of Fines. It is Impossible to “Agree” with Finnish Police Officers, and Fines are Paid Only Through The Bank. Widly Widespread Camcorders Fixing Violations. In Finland, The Speed ​​of Movement in Settlements is Limited to 50 Km Per Hour, and 80 Km Per Hour On Highway. On Highways there Seasonal Limitations of Maximum Speed: 120 KM per hour in the Summer, and 110 Km per hour in Winter. Police Officers Allow on Highways The Excess of the Flow Rate of Machines by 10 Km Per Hour. Violations of the Rules are Punishable by Fines, and Fines in Finland Deserv a Separate Mention.

Dimensions of fins in finland

Finland Has a Flexible Differendated System for Paying Fines. Fines in Finland Depends Not Only On the Type of Vilation of the Rules, But Also on a Number of Parameters of the Offender: The Amount of Income, The Presence of Dress, The Vailability of Property. A Calculator is posted on the official Website of the Finnish Police, Which Allows You to Determine the Amount of the Fine For a Particular Vilation. When Determining the Size of the Fine, The Severity of the Consequences is Also Taken Into Account. In this case, the is no upper Boundary in Determining the Size of the Fine. There are Several Cases When The Amount of the Fine Reted 100 Thousand Europe. For Serious Violations of the Rules, Daily Fines May Be imposed.

Fines in Finland

BELOWS A LIST of Soome Violations with A Indicative Amount of the Fine:

– The Presence or Use of the Radar Detector is a Fine of 20 To 120 EUROS WIRO THE REMOVAL of the RADAR DEZED (IS Seized, EVEN IS in the Trunk) – A Ride with An Unhealethy Seat Belt – A Fixed Fine of 35 EUROS (All Passengers are Required to Fasten Out),

– Driving a Car in the Absence of Rights – A Fine from 20 To 120 EUROS,

– Failure to Comply with the Police Officer’s Requirements for a Vehicle Stop – A Fine of 12 To 72 EUROS,

– Rotation Without Turning on the Pointer Is a Fixed Fine of 50 EUROS,

– overTaking in a prohibited zone – a fine of 10 to 60 euros,

– Travel to a ProHibiting Traffic Light – from 10 To 60 EUROS,

– Driving in the Pressence of A Sign Prohibiting Movement – A Fine from 8 To 48 EUROS,

– Speeding of 25 Km per hor with a Limit of 60 Km Per Hour – A Fine from 12 To 115 EUROS,

– Overtaking Near a Pedestrian Crossing – A Fine from 12 To 72 EUROS,

– Failure to Fulfill the Requirements of Priority in Motion – A Fine of 10 To 60 EUROS,

– Violation of Parking Rules – A Fixed Fine of 50 EUROS,

– Non -compliance with a Distance of 20 Meters At a Speed ​​of 100 Km Per Hour – A Fine of 10 To 60 EUROS.

Payment of fins

Fines in Finland Can Cause A Refusal to Issue a Schengen Visa. UNPAID or Expireed Payment May Serv for Reason for Refusing to Issue a Visa Not to Finland, But to Any Other Country of the Schengen Zone. In Practice, 3 Methods of Payment of Fines are applied:

– In Any Bank of Finland (The Commission is Only 5%),

– In the Consulate General of the Russian Federal,

– Payment by Foreign Exchange Transfer at the Bank in Russia (The Commission May Be Comparable with the Amount of the Fine).

The Penalty in Finland is “Tied” Not to the Driver, But to the Car. Therafore, An Unpaid Fine Is Immediatly Found by Finnish Border Guards When Crossing the Border. SO it IS Better Not to Violate the Rules in Finland, And when Imposing a Fine, It Should Be Paid There and As Soon as Possible.