Komora – Eden in the Indian Ocean

Comoric Islands Drift in the Indian Ocean Between Madagascar and Mosambic. The Archipipelago Called Komora’s Country Consists of Four Main Islands: Ngazidja, Muli (Mwali), Nzwani (Nzwani) and Mahore, AS Well as Many Small Islets. Teneslands have rich and diverse vegetation-65 percent of work Essences are Born HERE, MADE FROM YLANG-ILANG, JASMINE OR ORANENGE. SPICES, SUCH AS Cardamom, Cloves, Basil or Vanilla, Arere Another Important Part of the Country’s Economy. The Islands Are of Volcanic Origin and Are Surrounded by Coral Reefs, and the Highest Is the Current Karthala Volcano, Located On the Island.

The Sights of the Comor Islands

The Capital of Moroni Is a Charming City With Severful Squares and Many Old Mosques, Including the Famous Vendredi Mosque. 6 Kilometers from it is the Fishing Village of Itsandra, Which Was the Ancient Capital of the Island. In IT Can Explore the Ancient Royal Tombs and PowerFul Fortress, Relax on a Delightful Beach Oryy The Best Dancers That the CounTry of Komora Has. Its Natural Attractions are: The Sea Reserve on the Island of Mali and the Huge Turtles of the Newmashuwa Bay, The Islands Outs Outh Colorfuls Abund Ant Vegetation, and Its Main City – Mutsamudu (Mutsamudu) Was Built in the Style of Suakhili, with Spilled Streets, Mosques and Citizens.

National Cuisine of the Comor Islands

The Exotic Country of Komora Will Not Be Full Excited IF Do Not Try Its Cooking. SOME TRADITIONAL DISHES ARE REALLY TASTY. For Example, Pilawo – Meat with Rice, Cinnamon and Tomato, Or Samouossas – A Fish Dish in the Test. Matla Is Prepared from Meat, Garlic and Coconut Milk, and IS Served with Rice and Aromatic SaUCE. Kakamoku Souls IS Made from Fish, Tomato, Citrus and Pepper.   At the Wedding Or ON SPECIAL DAYS, FRITTERS AND DONNASS ARE SERVED, For Which Ingredients Such AS Flour, Milk, Eggs, Vanillas are used. They Somewhat Reminiscent of Their Native Pancakes.

Weather on Komorsky Islands

We can sell that the conside of komora is conveenient for visiting all yearo round. Especially Good Here in Winter, When Temperature Indicators Have Chosen a Mark of 25 Degrees. In the Summer There is Hotter – More than 30 Degrees, But the Cold Currents Do Not the Outside World to Turn Into a Fir.