Hyundai Equus Ultimate 2012

Hyundai Equus Ultimate 2012 Offers a Lot of amenites and High Power for Its Price. This Rear -wheel Drive Sedan Has a Very Good Dynamics. 5.The 0-Liter V8 Engine Is Really Strong and Perfectly Copes with Any Overtaking.

OUR ULECTRONICS in this Car Was Limited, But Fruitful: The Navigation Card on the Screen Was Understandable, Rear Camera Captures a Large Space, and the Auto -Auto this C Ar is just amazing and a good, PowerFul Battle Allows You To Listen to Music with Great Volume for a Long Time for a Long Time for a Long Time at the Not -time Car.

The Suspension Is Comfortable, A Little Floating, But it is IMMEDIATELY CLEAR THAT YOU ARARAVELING ON A Representative Class Sedan. The Steering Wheel Has Good Weight and Most Maneuvers are Very Easy to Perform, Despite the Size of the Car.


This was my first time Period Spent in the 2012 Hyundai Equus. Good Car. The Inside Is Well Collected and Made of High -quality Materials.

The Transmission Is Good and Smooth and the IS Enough Physical Attractivence, While the Ride Itself IS tooo Soft, Even in Sports Mode, and This Especially Noticeable Track. Management is Strange, Beautiful at Low Speeds, But too Easy at High. The Seats Seem a Little Flat and Its Felt there is no good lower support.

In General, The Car is Felt Similar to Lexus LS FORMAN CARS. That is who are sure that equus will not compete with Stamps Such as Mercedes, BMS or Audi, But He Will Compete with Lexus.

Hyundai Equus COULD BE Like Mercedes-Benz S-Class, If You look a Little Squint. But Seriously, this is a Business Class Sedan, Someone Has All the Technological Eleents that Could Bought for the Floor of the BMW 7 of the Series.

Yes, this is not Really a Mercedes, But What Do You Like in it? IF this is Space, Power and Technological, Hyundai Equus 2012 Has All this. Guarantee? Hyundai Has Better. The Manaufacturr Even Remade The icon So that with the Knowing – Not to Understand that Equus Is Hyundai.

Seats in this car were not as conveenient as before, but They Have an Excellent Massage Function, and Heating and Cooling Work Very Quickly. The Seats have Many Provisions of Adjustment, But Do Offer Too Much Support, Especially Lateral.

One Thing that We Cannot Complain About in this Hyundai Equus 2012 Is Power. 5.0-Liter V8 Will Quickly Rotate Tires on a Dry Road Surface and Push this Sedan On a High-Speed ​​Highway. The Gas Pedal Is a Little Hypersensitive, Which We Notice on this Kind of Vehicles Latly. Click on the Gas Pedal by Literally 3 Centimeters and You Will Feel Flying on a Rocket. It is difficult to get good, Linear acceleration in etus.

Hyundai Equus Ultimate 2012.

Basic Price: $ 59.650.

Price of the Tested Car: $ 66.650.

Transmission: 5.0-Liter V8; REAR -WHEEL DRIVE with an eight -Speed ​​automatic gearbox.

Exit: 429 Horsepower at 6.400 Opin.

Own Weight: 2136 KG.

Fuel Consumption: 8.5 Liters per 100 Km on the Highway.