Features and rules for registering a company in Ireland

Setting up a business in Ireland can be an attractive proposition for both budding entrepreneurs and experienced investors.

A favorable tax environment, competitive costs of doing business, a skilled workforce and access to the European market are making Ireland increasingly popular with companies looking to expand their operations.

The country benefits from a simple registration process and some of the basic steps to open a company in Ireland are as follows:

  • choose a business form (most Irish businesses are registered as limited liability companies);
  • choose a suitable name, which must be different from the names of the companies registered here (names containing words such as “Insurance”, “Bank” and “Group” will require prior special permission);
  • complete a name reservation with the Companies Registration Office (CRO);
  • prepare the company’s constituent documents (Charter and Memorandum or partnership agreement (depending on the legal entity));
  • open a corporate bank account at a local bank;
  • register with the tax department and social services bureau. insurance;
  • If special permits are needed to conduct activities, then apply for a license.

Depending on the type of company, certain documents must be submitted to local authorities. The following documents are required when registering a company in Ireland:

  1. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company (these are the statutory documents that must be notarized in Ireland).
  2. Personal information about all founders, directors and company secretary.
  3. Information about the authorized capital.
  4. A document confirming the company’s registered office in this country.
  5. Information about the directions of activity of the firm.