Manuapacturers of the Dod Automobile DVRS Regularly Communicate with Their Consumers. The Purpose of Communication Is the NEED to Deeply Understand the NEEDS of Motorists, Taking Into Smallest Nuances and Their Wishes.

TheFore, The Equipment Produed Under The ABOVE Brand Can Purfectly Provide All the NEEDs of Consumers. Dod Automobile DVRS HAVE All The Necessary Characteristics: They Are Convenent, Reliable and Have a Democratic Cost.

DVR Dodd F900LHD DVRS Surpass All Competitors, THANKS to the Possibilities of Shooting with Afolting 1920/1080p with A Rather Compact Size*53*23 mm. By acquiring “Dod F900LHD”, The Motorist May Not Worry, EVERYTHING THE WILL HAPPEN ON THE ROADBIN IS Converted in Digital Format and Will Be CaptureD. Thanks to a wide -angle coliting lens, Which is able to capture an image with an Angle of 120 ° and Write Down that Happens on the Road, A 2.5 -Insh AVAILABLE DISPLAY IS ABLE to ENSURE HIGH Convenence and Comfort of Viewing All The Recorded Plots, Frely Turning Around 360 Degrees.

In Addition, “Dod F900LHD” Allows You to Display The Image in the Process of Recording on “HDTV”, Which Makes It Possible to Pressent All the Proper Evidence of the Roadin Directly on the Place. Due to the Presence of A Stylish Body Design, Dod F900LHD DOTTRACT Excess attention.