Historical Traditions of the Country Afghanistan

Afghanistan Isst Mental Documents of the 6th Century BC, Was Its AS Part of the Great Persian Empire. MORE THE 20 PEOPles and Nationalities Live in Afghanistan. ALMOST 80% of the Country’s Population Lives in Rural Areas. IS Intersting that Layout of Cities and Villages, The Dwellings of the Afghans, Trade Clothing Still Retain Tradeites that Have Developed the Centures. Afghanistan Is Probably The Most Implacable Country with All Sorts of Reforms and Innovations. This Country is Interesting and Intersting to Tourists. This is a magnificent Place for mountainering and hiking, it is not for notch that mountain chains of Afghanistan are comedy of the major of.

Sights of Afghanistan, The Capital of Which Is the City of Kabul

Afghanistan Is Rich in Historical Monments. Here is One of the Centers of the Origin of Zoroastrism and Buddhism, The Most Famous Muslim Citslim Flourished He. The Oldest City of Balkh, The Jam’s Minaret and the Big Cathedral Mosque in Herat, Mandatory Attractions of the Country. Balkh, The Former Capital of Bactria, Is Known for Reading His Figerst Sermon and Died Zarathustra. Jam’s minaret is the only Survival Construction of the First Capital of the Sultans from the Gurids Dynasty, The Ancient City of Firuzkukukh. And Juma is Known as a blue mosque and as one of the most magnify mosques of the midle east.   Among the Attractions of Afghanistan, it is also necessary to not the Current Capital – The City of Kabul, The Main Shopping Center and the Former Capital – Kandahar, Th, the Oldestt Cu. Ltural Center Bamian and the Famous Salang Pass.

Afghan Kitchen

Afghan Cuisine is Very Ancient. But in EVERYDAY LIFE, AFGHANS DIShes are not so diverse. It Mainly Consists of Various Options for Pilaf and Barbecue, A Variety of Thick Soulps, Rice and Pasta, With a National Cake, Cheese and Tea. The Use of Milk and Dairy Products Is Common.

The Climate of Afghanistan

Climate in Afghanistan Subtropical Continental, Characterized by Significant Temperature Amplitoudes. The Average Temperature in January Is From 0 To +8, and In July +32. During the Day, the IS Usually Clear Sunny Weather, At Night – Cool or Cold. The Annual Rainfall in the Country Is Not Large, Rains Are from October to April. In the South-West of the Country, Precipation Soes does not at all, and in the southast the Summer Monsones Bring Storm Rains.