Alpine France

Alpine’s Car Brand History Can Be Started Since 1954. It was that racer Jean Redel Instead of Louis Pons, He Won in a Sports Automobile Cup – Coupe des Alpes. Victory Was Won by Car 4cv. This service as the starting point, after Which He, Under the Impression of the Victory, Deceded to Give the Name of His Own Newly Create Company, Wich at Thy Time Wasth Th. E Stage of Its Formation – Societe des Automobiles Alpine.

The first model of the Newly Born Societe des Automobiles Alpine Was The A106 Mille Milles, Which Was Immedely Pressented to the Public Motor Show in 1954 and Immediselly Ceved Good Response Visitors. Together with the Development of the A160 Compartment, The Shapp Brothers Were Involved. The Chassis from Renault 4CV Was Taken as Basis A106.

And within the fifties, this car was widly popular in the world. Part of Success Belonged to the Italian Micelotti, On Which The Car Designed.

Subsequently, The Ideas of Micelotti Were Ussed in Other Alpine Models. In Particular in Compartment a108.

From the Beginning of the Sixties, Alpine Designers Have Begun Tight Cooperation with the Renault Design Bureau. The Result of this Union Was Two Cars. Renault R8, ReleASDE in 1962 and A110 Berlite, Which Had Similar Characteristics, But Slightly Changed Chassis and Some Body elements.

Whether the alpine car was almost Instantly Produed in the Car in the Automobile World. This was Partly Due to the Defeated Victories in the Rally and Due to the Same Cooperation with the French Auto Giant, Through the Wideespread Trading Alpine Wasalized.

But The Real Victory of Alpine Came in 1968. IT WAS THEAR that Company’s Cars Won A Number of Victories ON COUPE Des and Other Rally Competitions. At That Time, Alpine Victorious Cars Were Equippeed with a Power Unit From Renault Rno Gordini with A Volume of 1440 Cubic Centers.

In 1971, Alpine Cars on Rally in Monte Carlo Took All Three Prizes, and Again with the Engine from Renault Under the Hood. Two Years Later, The Result Was Repeated. Alpine Was Ahead of Such Teams as Porsche, Lancia and Ford.

In the Same Period, Alpine Begins to Increase the Pace of Production A110 Berlite and A108. Models in Parallel Begin to Be Produed in Factories in Mexico, Brazil, Bulgaria and Spain. In the 73rd, the Global Crisis Broke out. Which Could Not But Affect Gas Price and, TheFore, On the Automotive Industry. In Two Years, The Number of Cars Produed Was Reduced by A Third. From 1421 Cars to 957. The Company’s Position Was Also Aggravated by the Fact that it was to make a1110. But there was no possibility for this.

There was Really Alpine A130, But Its Made on the Basis of 1962 Cars and TheFore Had A Weak Competitive Ability.

In 1974, The Renault 17 Gordini Models Produed at the Alpine Production Facilities Take Part in the Press Rally in Michigan, The Usa and Win The Pilot Jean-Luc Trush. Resumed Victories Allow The Company to look Into the Future More Relaxed. Renault Renews Previously Cooperation in the Engineering Field and is adopted by a number of valuable advice on Improving Renault 17 Gordini. Renault Sports is Born, Which Immediatly Wins The Rally in Le Mane.

With the Advent of the Eighties, Alpine Works to Expand Its Model Range. A310 IS Produed. Her Vocation Is to Replace Alread Outdated, But Successful A110. The New Model Was Equipped with A 4 -Cylinder Power Unit From Renault 17 TS/Gordini.

Next Appears Alpine GTA. A decisive role in this model was Played by the Engine – PRV V6, Which Later Became So Popular that Was Willing to Buy in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. And for the Latin American World, a Separate Version of this Power Unit Was Even Specially Developed.

1989 in Honor of the Thirty -five Societe des Automobiles Alpine, A Limited One of the GTA Mille Milles Models Was Release. A year Later, a Similar Series, But with A Slightly Elongated Body of GTA Le Mans. The Model Has Gained Popularity in England. The British Press Even Said that gta is “a grrit ButoTridged Superwell of the Eighties”.

In 1991, Work Began on Alpine A610. HIS ROLE is the heir to gta. The Gearbox and the Engine Were Preserved, Which Cannot Be Said About The Chassis, Which Was Significly Redesigned, Including Increasing Strength.

The Last Model Under the Brand of Alpine A610 Was Sold in England in 1994. All Subsequent, Comb from the Capacities of the Alpine Plant, Was Alread Under the Renault Brand.