Djibuti Country – On the Edge of Africa

Located in the place vacrica is found, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean, The Djibuti Country Has Many Tourist Assets: Deep Water Offer Exceptional Wealth, And The Impressive Landscape Covers Charming Wild Beauty. Underwater Dives and Fishing are the Main Tourist Resources of the Country, and the Abundant Flora and Fauna Turn the Bay Tajouh Into a Paradise for Pho.

Djibuti’s Sights

Musha Islands and Maskali (Maskali), Which Are Located in the Middle of the Tajurakh Bay Offer Cool Conditions for Water Skis and Vidsurfing, As Well as Excellent Beaches White White Sand. At the Junction of the Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean Is the Seven Brothers Archipelago (Sept Frere), Which IS.

The Capital of the Country, The City of Djibuti, Is arab City. Its Main Attractions are: The Presidential Palace, Colorful Central Square, Next to the Main Mosque and Tropical Aquarium. The African Country of Djibuti Iso Known for Its Beaches: 15 Kilometers from the Capital, The Beaches of the Dorale and the Khor-Gamdabado, Which Offer Safe Contitito Ins for Swimming, and Another Picturesque Beach, Khubet-Aal- Kharab Kharab), Surrounded by Unique Black Cliffs.

Lake Assal Is Surrounded by Sleeping Volcanoes and Lava Plains. It Found Its Refuge 100 Kilometers from the City of Djibuti and is One of the Lowest Lakes of the Planet – 150 Meters Below Sea Level. You can get to the lake only on all -terran vehicles.

Djibuti National Cuisine

For nomadic groups that know the country of djibuti, The Main Source of Food Is Pets. The Most Popular Meat Is the Meat of Sheep and Goats, and the Beaf Is Used in Special Cases. Of Course, there Grains that are Fried and Used in Small Portions. Bread is Consedered a Real Delicacy. It is baked in the Form of Cakes and Served with Sauce and Red Pepper. In Some Areas, Burri Grows, from the Roots of Which They Make Porridge and Serve with Milk. SINCE MUSLIM LAWS, PORK and Alcohol Arewspread Here, Not in High Esteem.

Weather in Djibuti

“Cool” Time of the Year Occurs in October and Ends in April. The Coast Is Blown by the Winds, The Sky Is Most Offten Cloudy, But This Period Is Recognized as the Best For Visiting Djibuti.

SINCE The Country of Djibuti Is Not Far From The Equator, In the Hot Season, From May to September The Tempertures Are Very High, and the Dry and Hot Hamsin Dries Aarth. Despite this, you can swim in these Waters Year -round.