Dodge Caliber Car – If the Crossover Is Not Afffordable

Greetings Friends. IF You Dream of A Crossover, But Financial Opportunites Do Not to Purchase it, I Advise You Attend to the Dodge Caliber Car. Although the Chrysler Corporation (which owns Dodge) and sells Caliber in the salons like 5 – a door hatchback, in terms of characteristics it is not much inferior to most crossovers. Appe their Quite Characteristic of the Suv, Road Clerance – As Many As 195 Mm. True, it is support to Russia with front -wheel drive (Althrow there is a Full -wheel Drive Version for European Consumers). BUT AFTER ALL, A Consideble Share of “Real” Crossovers is Also Produed in the Execution of 2wd and Demand for Them Is Not Lower For For All -wheel Drive Versions. At the Same Time, Dodge Caliber Has the Cost Like An Ordinary Passenger Car. And now a Little More ABOUT THE CAR Itself.


Caliber Salons Were Offered with Three Options for Gasoline Engines. The Smallest Volume

The Engine Is Reliable and Consumes AI – 92

1.8 Liters and A Capacy of 150 Liters. With. The Most Common Is 2 – A Liter Motor with A Capacy of 156 Liters. With. There is a More PowerFul Power Unit with A Volume of 2.4 Liters and A Capacy of 174 Liters. With. You Can Find Diesel Versions, 140 – A Strong Unit with a TurboCharged to Russia Was not Supplied, But Such Cars Were Sometimes Made from Europe. All Gasoline Engines have Establishedselves from the Best Side – UNPRETENTIOUS, ReLIABLE, Not Difficult to Repair and Maintain. Their Only Minus – Periodic Problems with Ventilation of Crankcase Gases From – For Sticking The Valve. When Choosing a Used Copy, Pay Attendation to the Valve Cover. If an oil spot is Near the Drainage Tube, The Ventilation Clogged. This Problem Is Treated Simply – At EVERY TIME, The Valve Must Be Cleaned. Great Plus – Engines Are Designed for Gasoline AI – 92.


With a 1.8 -liter Engine in the Pair, 5 – STEP MECHANICS Works. The Rest of the Motors are Aggregated only with a unavalable variator. The Mechanical Box Quite Reliable. True, There Were Cases of Rapid Wear of Primary Shaft Bearings Produed Earlier than 2009. Its Replaceement Costs ABOUT 7 Thousand Rubles. On Later Models, This Problem Was Eliminated. The Variator Doges Not Like Sports Driving and Long Skidding. As a result, The Clinic Belt. BUT DURING SUBSEQUENT MODERNIZATIONS, The VARIATOR WAS Saved from This Disease.


Caliber can be said to be a traditional – Front Type Macpherson, The Back is a Multi -Link Structure. On the Forums You Can Find Complaints ABOUT THE UNELIABLE CAR SUSPENSION. Buts is far from the case. IT All Depends on the Quality of the Spare Parts. UNFORTUNATELY, IT does not differ in stability. TheFore, It is Better To Use Only Original Components. In Most Cases, Up to 100 Thousand Kilometers of Mileage, International and Repair, The Suspension Does Not Recuire. Unless You have to Change the Racks and Bushings. But Their Cost Is Not a Large Sleeve – 260 Rubles, Racks – ABOUT A Thusand. Shock Absorbers Also Live Up to “Hundreds” of Thousands, BUT IT All DePends on the Driver.


The Plastic in the Cabin Is Hard, But it is Easily Washed

With The Hardness of the Body, The Americans Miscalculated a Little. When Passing Complex Reliefs, He Plays. BUT Corrosion Is Not Subject to Corrosion and the Paint Holds Well Enure. Despite the Impressive Size, Inside The Dodge Caliber Car is A Little Croweded. Plus The Plastic Salon Is Not of the Highest Quality. But this is perhaps characteristic of all “Americans”. For some Reason, On the Quality of Finishing Materials, They Save. But Caliber Is Equipped with Very Good. Already in the Basic Configuration – 4 Airbags, Air Conditioning, A Full Electric Package and Also ALSO A Radio with 4 Speakers. On More Advanced Versions There Is a Cruise – Control. As Alread Said, All -wheel Drive Versions Cold Come to Us only God European. BUT in the Salons There Are “Charged” Caliber Srt4 with A 2.4 -liter TurboCharged Engine and Capacy of 295 Liters. With. In the “normal” state, the Trunk is not Very Large – Only 350 Liters, But with Folded Rear Seats, a Flatform with A Volume of More than Liters IS Obtained

TRUNK – 350 Liters, With Decomposed Seats – 1050 Liters

IF You Climb on the Forums of the Owners of the Dodge Caliber Car, You Can Find A Lot of Very Flattering Reviews. Basically Everyone Emphasizes that is an unprententious, Reliable and Not Expensive Car in Maintenance and Maintenance. There are, of course, Critical Reviews, But Clearly Negative, I Did Not Find. Now ABOUT THE COST. In the Cabin for Cars 2014. V. Ask for a Little More than 1 Million. Rubles, Which of Course is not so much. But in the Secondary Market, The Cost of a Three -year -old Car with A Mileage of 20 To 40 Thusand Km, Ranges From 600 To 700 Thusand Rubles. Which, in My Opinion, Is Not Bad at All. In Any Case, The Crossover of the Same Year and with the Same Mileage for this Money Is Not Real.