Nexen Tires in Russia.

In the Market of Oour Country, Nexen Korean Production Tires Appeared Not So Long Ago. Howver, During This Short Period, The Company Managed to Increase The Assortment and Deliver Some Interesting Rubber Models to Russia. In Russia Today it is Possible to Purchase Tires for Both Budget Cars and for Sports Cars. There are Models for Large Suvs and Minifurgones. The Low Cost of Nexen Rubber Is the Main Trump Card of the Korean Manoufacturer in Our Market. In Moscow, this Company Has An Official Office. In Different Cities of Oour State, there Also Distribution Points of this Company, Here Includes Vladivostok, Veliky Novgorod, ST. Petersburg and Others. BUT MOSCOW Nexen IS More Important, How do the Main Office Contracts for Delivers to Different Cits.

Features of the Manoufactured Products of Nexen

I WOULD Like to Note That The Company Also Produce Rubber Under The Roadstone Brand. Thus Belong to the Budget Class and ARE NOT PLACED AS Standard Rubber on Cars. DistINuctive Features from the Roadstone Line from the Nexen Produed Arese Tires are Produed with Special Additives and Mainly from Natural Rubber, Whicha Reduces the Indicator O F Rolling Resistance. Althrow, in Addition to Economical Fuel Consumption and Low Cost, Thires Have Nothing to Boast.

Nexen Tires, On the Contaray, Havy Some Trump Cards. FIRST of All, They Are Equippeed with A Kind of Tread Shape Resembling the Letter “V”. This Form Provides Notes a Peculiar Type of Tires, But Also Increases The Course Resistance, Reduces The Level of Noise and Imprives Wear Resistance. Today, Nexen Tires Are Exported Only, So Thires undrogo All Quality Control with the Help of Which Defects are monitored.