Mosambic Country Like a Pearl of a Black Continent

Located on the Southheastern Coast of Africa, The Country of Mozambique Has Experienced Hard Times in Recent Years, BUT AFTER 1992, This Peculiari Territory Tigins To RECOVER TO REDER Turn to Its Deserved Place Among the Pearls of the Black Continent.

The Attractions of Mozambique

The Coast of Mozambique is Washed by Sparkling Waters of the Indian Ocean and Boasts of Picturesque White Beaches, Colorful Coral Reefs and Beautiful Islands. Bazaruto Archipelago (Inhambane), Composed of Four Islands, Is Very Popular Among Tourists, Representing One of the Most Charging Places of the Continent. Intersting Island of Inhaca, Which Has Vast Coral Reefs and Can Please The Exceting Marine Museum and An Old Lighthouse. Most of the Reservations and Reservations are located in the Central and South Part of the Country, With The Exculation of the Niasa Reserv (Niassa), Wich IS on the Border Witer Wit Tanzania And Providing Excellent Fishing Conditions, Especially in the Guinjata Bay and in the Mosambic Channel.

Maputa Is One of the Most Stylish Capitals of the Continent, Possessing Wide Boulevards, Noticeable Street Cafes and a Bus Cultural Scene. Museums and Squares, The Central Station and the Strange Iron House ITS Attractions. Of Couurse, The Country of Mozambique Has Saveral Delightful National Park. In Gorongosa Park, You Can See Numerous Families of Antelopes and Elephants, Hippo and Zebras, and the Kjirimbas Naval Park IS Rich inhabitants and Reefs.

National Cuisine of Mosambics

In Some Regions of Mosambic, Meat is a Real Delicacy. Pork and Kabanin Are Consedered to Be Favorite Dishes of the Local Population, Which Arepared in Garlic Sauce, Which Indicates a Strong Portuguese Influence. The Coastal Country Mozambique Prefers Fish and Mollusks. Its Main Product, As in Other Parts of Africa, Is Corn. Feijoada is Consedered the Most Popular Dish – Beans with Maniopian Flour and Pork.

Weather in Mozambique

The Southern Areas of Mozambique, All Year Round, Suffer from Heat (Temperature-33-35 Degrees), and in the South Its Cooler (20-22 Degrees). Wet Season Lasts from Novmber to May, When Powerful Cyclones Are Possible. The Country of Mozambique is the Most Hospitable in May-July, Wen The Precipitation is Minimal and the Tempertures are Tolerant.