Flight acquaintance with Mexico

Mexico is Beautiful and Diverse, Offering Their Gueautiful Beaches, Pleasant Hospital, Intersting Historical Cits, Mancheological Monments, Unified National Park S and Huge Selection of Entertainment. The Country of Mexico Has Modern Cits, Such AS Mexico City, Guadalahara and Monterrey, As Well as the Colonial Citsaca (Oaxaca), Sakatecas (Zacatecas), Morelia (Morelia), San) Migel-de Allende, Merida (Merida) and Guanajuato (Guanajuato).  

The Attractions of Mexico

Located in the Jungle of Yucatan, Next to Cancun, Chechen-Eza Is One of the Most Mysterious Places of Mayan Civilization. Its Main Attractions are: The Pyramid of the Kukulcan (Kukulcan), Sports Arena, The Architectural Structure “Hundred Columns and Dzopantli (Tzompantli). The Mayan Civilization Also Includes Palenque. The Most Significant Structures of this Place are the Palace and the Temple of Inscriptions.

Being a Very Religious State, The Country of Mexico Has Several Impressive Cult Attractions. FIRST of All, It is Necessary to Pay Attenation to the Parish Church of San Migel-de-De-Deland, Built of Pink Brick in 1683. Her Crypt, Located Under the Main Altar, Contains The Remains of Felipe Gonsalis and Anastasio Bustamante – Heroes of the War for Independence.

From Natural Attractions, Copper Canyon (Barrancas Del Cobre), Which is the Land of Waterfalls, Rocks, Rivers, Deserts and Forests, Can Be Distinguished. A separate Attraction of this Place is the chihuahua-apsiffico ralway (Chihuahua al Pacifico), The Path of Which Passes Through 36 Large Bridges, 87 Tunnnels at An Altitoude of 2438 Meters.

National Cuisine Mexico

Mexican Cuisine is Known Everawhere. The Main Thing is that Having Arrive in Mexico Not to Overdo Its Food So that Stomach Has Time To the Huge Mass of New Tastes and Ingredients.   The Country of Mexico Has a Huge Number of National Dishes. You canal the most Popular: Tortillas – Cakes Made of Wheat Or Corn Flour, Are Served to Suchshes as Enchiladas, Tacos or Quesadillas; Frijoles – Fried Beans, Guacamole – Puree from Avocado, Onions, Chili and Crire, Salsa – Sauce from Tomatoes, Onions, Chili and Cilantro.

Weather in Mexico

Possessing a Large Territory, The Country of Mexico Has a Large Range of Tempertuates. On the Coast, in Summer The Temperature is not Lower THEN 30 Degrees, and in the Central Elevated Areas – 27 Degrees. In Winter, On the Coast is ABOUT 24 Degrees, and on elevations The TEMPERATURATURATER DROP to 7 Degrees of Heat. The Rain Season Lasts from May to October and At the Same Time PowerFul Cyclones Are Possible. The Water Temperature on the Coasts of Mexico, On Average, IS 25 Degrees.