Why you should invest in a business in Ireland

The main sectors that attracted the largest percentage of funding in 2022 were fintech (23% of the total), life sciences (21%), IT, namely software (19%) and cybersecurity (8%).

Ireland has an international reputation as a welcoming country for launching a technology start-up.

Starting a business in Ireland will also provide access to a supportive start-up system. There are a number of innovation accelerators and incubators that can help turn your business plan into reality. In Ireland, start-ups also have access to a young and highly skilled workforce. As Dublin is the capital and center of financial services, technology companies and a number of other multinational corporations, foreign investment in Dublin is particularly strong.

Information and communication technology is one of the most popular sectors in almost all European countries. Ireland is recognized as a technology hub and one of the fastest growing economies in the sector. Therefore, creating an IT company in Ireland can open up vast prospects for investors. In particular, the e-commerce business in Ireland represents a leading market segment and forecasts for this business area indicate that it will continue to be the leading activity in 2023.

Other leading economic sectors that are attracting foreign direct investment to Ireland are:

  1. Life Sciences Sector. Ireland currently specializes in supplying the best medical devices to its European partners.
  2. Financial sector. In this sense, the country stands out as one of the most important European markets, as more than 50% of the world’s leading financial companies operate here. In particular, the country is becoming a global hub for leveraging fintech opportunities. Ireland has a vibrant technology sector that is suitable for international fintech companies looking to expand and grow.
  3. Research and development. Ireland has become one of the world’s leading centers of research, development and innovation. This is a sector in which local government is constantly investing through various incentives. It attracts global leaders in key high-tech industries to undertake projects in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, ICT and financial services. Ireland currently ranks 11th in the world science rankings for the overall quality of scientific research.
  4. Registering a logistics company in Ireland opens up prospects and opportunities for growth and development, since logistics is an important sector of the country’s economy. Exceptional connectivity to Europe, the UK and the US is one of the many factors that is attracting foreign investment to Ireland, and logistics and warehousing is expected to be one of the fastest growing industries over the coming decade as the economy continues to grow and there is a shift to online retailing. sectors.
  5. Manufacturing and the insurance sector are other attractive business sectors for foreign investors.