Irish hurling: concept, advantages and features

If you are going to Ireland, admire the beauty of this incredible country, climb numerous castles, walk along the ocean and drink liters of delicious beer, then you still don’t know everything about this country, by the way, we wrote about the sights of the capital of Ireland, we even taught it there how to get a visa.

So, in addition to all the wonderful things listed above, you can also go to this country for sports. And sports are developed there at a high level, there are even sports tours, or rather golf tours, because it is the sport with lawns, holes and a white ball that is national in Ireland, although it came to them from Scotland. More on that a little later, but for now let’s put together all the sports that the Irish practice.

And they do a lot of things here. Not only golf, but also Gaelic football and hurling are national in the country.


Not to be confused with ice curling!

It’s something like a cross between field hockey and rugby. 2 teams, each with 15 hurlers armed with hurley sticks, run around the field trying to hit a “slitar” (a small ball, emphasis on the first syllable) into the opponents’ goal. And the goal is not simple, but like an ordinary football goal, only on the sides with rugby posts. Whichever gate you hit will determine how many points you will earn.

This game appeared in Ireland as much as 2 thousand years ago, even before the appearance of the Celts, or even three thousand, in general, the Irish themselves have not yet decided when, but they know that for a long time.

Hurling is a great love for the Irish. Tens of thousands of spectators come to watch the championships of this game and that says it all.