Hyundai Elantra Sport – Beautiful, But Not Effective.

Let’s Start with the Cabin. Note that The Salon Was a Successful. Pleasant AppeandaRance Silver Plastic Pleities The Eye. A Small DRAWBACK can be considered that of the BUTTONS on the Climate Control Panel are Small and the Inscriptions on Them Are Very Difficult to Disassemble. Therefore, you canten Miss the Required Button.

The Devices On the Front Panel Arel Located Successfullly and Thumbfolly. They Are Hidden in Special Wells. The Steering Wheel in the Model is pleasant. Although The Buttons Located On It Look Puffy. But at the same time, it is sheathed with leather and convenent to the tuch.

We Turn to the Sound. STRONGLY DISAPPOINTED BY THE FACTORY CAR Radio. It can be Said ABOUT HET she is just no. There are Few People Like it with Their Sound, SincE there are no lower classes or tops whether. When Listening to High Volume to Music, The Rattle of Plastic Is Aded.

Impressions of Seats in Two. Driving and Passenger Places are conveenient. True, there is a Small Flaw. The Low Location of the Armrest Force to Stran The Spine When Driving. However, this is a Small Problem Compared to What Is Happening in the Rear Seats. Behind Quite Closely, Due to the Imperfect Design of the Car. There Very Few Legs, So -You Shoup Not Expect Comfort From a Trip in the Rear Seats.

I was pleated with the Trunk. IF the Rear Seats are Unsuccessful, The Model Is Equipped with A Large Trunk (485 Liters). And Due to the Competent Design of the Machine, The Trunk Lid Doe Get Dirty in Dirty and Raine Weather.

ALSO, The CAR PLEASS WITH Excellent VISIBILITY. And thanks to a concavenent Rear View Chamber That Translates Its Image to the Central Mirror, There Are No Problems with Movement and Viewing at Alll.

The Upholstery of the Seat Is Made of Red Fabric with Leather Linen Inserts. She is pleasant to the touch. However, All these Advantages of the Passenger Compartment Are Crossed Out by Three Bright Displays on the Dashboard. In the Daytime, They Behave SatisFactorily, As the Are Simply Invisible. BUT AFTER SUNSET from the Dashboard, Three Bright Blue Eyes Begin to look at You, Which Significantly Distract from the Road.

Evaluate the Filling Under the Hood. The Machine Boasts with An Engine with a Capacy of 150 Liters. With. With a torque of 178 nm. The Mass of the Car Is 1.4 Tons, As Well as the Machine Is Equippeed with Automatically. This List of Characteristics Gives the Impression of An Aggressive Sports Car. However, This Feeling Is Very Deceptive. With Test Races, There Was No Power of 150 Horses. IT Was Noticeable that Ligament of the Accelerator of the Engine is Incorrectly Configureed. This Conclusion Is Not An Accident. When Pressing the Pedal, The Motor Does Not Immedely, But After a Second, And not as Actively as We Would Like. And with Full Loading, The Thrust Disappears Completly. There is a feeling that under a hood of 1.2 Liters Without Boost and Carburetor. All this is aggravated by the fact that car Suspension is Made in A Sports Manner. The Suspension Itself Behaves Perfectly on a Straight and Even Road, but it is working on the tram tracks or shabby asphalt, and the ride Immediately Turns into austo anto anto anto anto anto aus Massage Session. The Suspension Is Perfectly Designed for Sports Driving, But The Engine Cannot Give Such a Ride. The Car Behaves Calmly in Corners. But the Feeling of Sports is not Observed Here Either.

ElanTra Boasts a Rather Acceptable Fuel Consumption. A Hundred Liters Were Leaving During the Test. And this is Taking Into Account The Frequent Pressing of the Accellerator

The Disadantages Can Also Be Attributed to the Sound Insulation of the Car. Perhaps the fault is the Winter Studded Rubber, But You Cannot Justify a Strong Buzz in the Cabin.

Summing Up the Test Drive Can Say that Car Turned Out Surpringly Unsportsmanlike, Althush it is declahed as sport. The Price of Hyundai Elantra Sport – 910 Thusand Rubles. IS Clearly Overstated, As the Car Left Discomfort. Such A Car Should BE BUGHT TOR EXTERNAL Beauty, BUT Not for Sports, Which, By the Way, Is Not.