Automobile Exhibition 2014 in Chelyabinsk

Hi All. From May 21 to 25, a Car Exhbedion Was Held in Chelyabinsk. SUCH AVENT ALWAYS CAUSES Increered Interest of the Population. So on the Weekend Under the Arches of the Ice Lightning Palace, Were The Exhive Was Held, It Was Quite Croweded.

Of Course, it is difficult to name chelyabinsk as a car Mecca, so that was no need to expert prime ministers. However, Almost All the City Dealerships took Part. The Relatively Recent “Novelty” Were Represented – Peugeot 2008, Skoda Rapid, Updated Opel Mokka and Kia Soul.

Perhaps the most numerous was the Opel Site, But I Personally Vid Notice Much Attenation to the Cars of this Brand. The only Thing Around

UpDated Mokko Is Practically No Different from HIS Predecessor

Mokko Periodically Gathered People. And the only beauty the car was glood with adversing. I have not Seen Significant Changes in it. At Least External. Another repressentate of the Same Class – Peugeot 2008, ALSO DID not Gain Much Attention. Periodically Soomeone Was Sitting in the Interior, Usually Ladies, and Even to Take a Picture. But Near Skoda Rapid Its Lively. And they Actively Tried on the Cabin and Loucked Under the Hood. The Car, by the Way, Is Really Quite Interesting. Convenent and Spacious Salon, with High -quality Materials, A Huge Trunk. And the price is not sky -high, from 640 Thusand Rubles.

On the site with Chinese Cars Was Frankly Empty. True, Only Fav Company Put Its Products. Other Representates of the Middle Kingdom Demstrated Their Cars in the Previous Weekend. But The Great Attendation of Motorists, I DIDN’T Notice There Either. Althrow, Just At that Exhbedment of New Products There Were Much More. The Chinese, of Course, Have Advanced Greatly in the Automotive Industry, But So Far They Cannshstand Compension ONLY AGainSt the Background of a Domestic Auto Industry. Apparently TheFore Ours

On the Chinese Site Was Empty

?. Apart from the Niva Chevrolet. BUT Given Its Venerable Age and Origin, Soo!.

The Highlight of the Entire Automobile Exhibition Was the Premiere of Porshe Macan, Furnished with Pompp. HERE is A White Canvas to the Last Hiding Car, and Long -Legged Models, and a Leading, Constantly Warming Crowd. In General, Interest in Him Was Serious. The PEOPLE CROWDEDD LOOKING at the New Crossover with Such Genuine Interest, As if 380 Thusanda Asking for Him, EVERY SECON ONE HAS. Macan Looks, of Course, Great. Reduced Copy of Cayen, from the Interior of Which I Just Do Want to Get Out. EVERYTHINGS SO Comfortable and Convenient. I Think that, Despite the Price Tag, The Car Will Have a Lot of Fans.

Porshe Macan

And Personally, My Attenation Was Attracted by A Stand with A Nondescript Vazovskaya Eight. It Turned out this is “just” One of the Development of domestic Engineers Attendation! With a Hybrid Power Plant. Moreover, The Cost of Such a Car, if it is Assembly Line, Would Have Only 300 Thousand Rubles. Like this. You Involuntarily Come to the Idea that if we Create Normal Conditions for OUr Technical Geniuses, OUR Domestic Auto Industry, We COULD Well Be Proud.