Guinea-Bisau Country

Guinea-Bisau is a state that is located in the Western Part of the African Continent. The Capital of the Country Is the City of Bisau.


EVERY YEAR THE STETE IS Becomping More and More Attractive to Traveleers Around the World.   The Capital of Guinea-Bisau Is a Large Village. Surpringly Beautiful Villas Are Located Gere, SincE The Country is not Rich, They Mainly Prevail Buildings From Straw and Clay. The City Is Rich in Numerous Wild Sandy Beaches, Where Tourists Can Relax Well, Soak Up in the Sun. The Most Amazing Places in the City Are: Port, Presidential Palace and Catholic Mission.

One of the Unique Attractions of the Capital Is the Museum of African Artifacts, The Museum Tells ABOUT THE HISTORY OF AU Guinea-Bisau, Museums Stored ProDucts Fromics and Sculptures of the Ancient State of Gaba.

BOLAM BABAK Region IS Rich in Monments and Ruins. BOLAM BABAK IS ALSO in AnMazingly Beautiful Area, Which is Also a Good Reason to Visit this Area.

A miracle of Light is the amazingly Beautiful Bizhagosh Archipelago, Which Consists of Eight Small Islands and Its Located Ocean Directly Opposite Bisa u. The Southern Side of the Archipelago Is Listed in UNESCO AS A BIO. The Waters of the Archipelago Are Rich in Numerous Exotic FOR OUR TOURIST.

The Value of Guinea-Bisau are undubtedly Creed by Nature Parks, Which Are aealth for the Country. Archipel de Bolam Is Included in the UNESCO List. It is in this Natural Park that Animals Live, Which Have Not Previous Been Known to the World.

National Cuisine

The Traditional Gvinei-Bisau Cuisine Combined Kitchenens of Differes from Around the World. From British Meat Assorted, From the Malays Curry. The Main Products with it is difficult to Imagine Guinea-Bisau this: Lamb, Game Lobster and Variety of Fish. Favorite National Drink is Beer. Dishes Such AS: Under the Carry Game, Numerous Fish Dishes Fried Open Coals of Lamb Are Especially Popular.


The Climate in the Country Is Equatorial-Mousson, Warm and Humid. In the Winter Season, in Guinea-Bisau Is Hot and Dry, The Average Temperature Is Plus Twenty-Eight Degrees. The Rainy Periods From May to October a Month, The Amount of Precipitation Near the Atlantic Ocean Is Approximatly in the State 1.500 Mm, in the Soulern Part 3000 Mm, in the Nutria Guinea-Bisau, Approximatly 1.400 Mm Falls.