The Country of that is All Africa in Miniature

The Territory That Seems Crushed by Its Neighbors, Gana, Burkina Faso and Benin, The Country Has Gathered a Delightful Collection of Thick Forests, Coastal Lagoon, Long Sandy Beech ES and Marshy Plains. In addition to natural beauty, an interesting and diverse local population, an unstable political situation, a rich colonial history, allow us to name this territory: “All Africa in miniature”.

The Attractions of That

The Capital of That, Lome, Has Many Attractions, But is Interesting for its Architecture: Colonial and Modern. Not far from it is the Village of Togoville – The Main Settlement of German Colonialists. Here, So Far, You Can Several Mysterious Shrines Voodoo Next to a Small, But Beautiful, Catholic Cathedral. The Capital of the Colonial That Was the City of Aneho (Aneho), In Which The Tourist Objects Are: The Church of the Saints Peter and Paul, as well as Rch Cemetery.

The Villages Located Nearby Can Serve As the Brightest Example of a Provincial Colonial Architecture, and The Koutammakou Settlement, Which IS Recorded In UNEESCO, IS AN EXAMPLE O F Local Housing Construction. For Wild Life, You Can Observe The Fazao National Park, National Park Keran (Keran) and In the “Lion Logov” Near Dapaong (Dapaong). EVERY YEAR, In October, The Country of That Offers An Enchanting Spectacle: Marriage Games of Whales in the Benin Bay.

National Cuisine of that

The Cuisine of That is Popular in the Entire Region, and Local Cooks are Found in Hotels and Restaurants of All of West Africa. The Most Popular Product of the Country Is Corn, from Which Delicious Pates and Akume Are Made, Which Areted with Saures – SaUCES MADE from Vegetables, Meat or Fishh. Anometer Famous Dish IS Fufu Made from Yams. Another Country of That Prepares Different Dishes from Maniacs, Which Preferr of the Population Preference.  

Weather in that

From February to April-the Hottest Time (31-35 Degrees), and from July to September the Coldest (21-25 Degrees). Like Most Subequatorial Territories, The Country of That Has Its Own Rain Season, Which Lasts from April To June. In the mountans that ocpy a Small Territory of the Country, Temperatures Are Lower, But the Dry Season Here Is Very Short.