Grinding or Polishing

In OUR Difficult Time, Drivers are not Safe from All Kinds of Trubles, In Particular from the Fact to Various Defects Arise on the Windshield on the Windshield. Offten Such Defects Arise, ODDLY ENOGH, FROM THE BRUSHES OF WIPERS. It is during their work that scuffs arise. Of Couurse, Small Sand, Mud Particles are also the Cause of Defects.

And as a Result of these Defects, The Transparency of the Glass Is Reduced, Which Leads to a Threat of Security Driving. Today therma Two Ways to Restore Glass Transparency – Grinding and Polishing. Grinding Allows You to Eliminate Deep Scratches, and Polishing Can Eliminate Minor Defects and Return the Glass of Transparency.

Polishing Windshield Can Almostly Destroy Minor Defects and Remove A Variety of Spots and Places of Cloudings. The Polishing Process Itself Takes a Little Time, and All Indicators of the Transparency of the Windshield Are Restored. Which is Important, Financial Costs in this Case Will Be Much Less than one Replacing a Car Glass with A New.

Because of this, Glass Polishing Is the Most Optimal Solution to the Problem. Its Main Advantage is that Native Glass Is Left on the Car. In the Process of Polishing, a Layer that is removd from the Glass is Very Thin, and Its Characteristics in Strength Do Not Deteriorate at All.