Irish startups for IT specialists: features and types

There are many exciting technology start-ups in the UK and Ireland that are hiring highly qualified IT professionals.

This is a kind of hub with favorable conditions for successful and active development in such areas as platforms for learning, gaming platforms, AI platforms for event netwiorking, modeling management algorithms and risk assessment in human behavior, optimization of tools for rapid software creation, venture capital management and asset protection, DNA analysis, creation of global payment, financial and trading instruments, modeling of intelligent systems for data center colocation, etc.

Startup companies, such as busuu, StatusToday, Importable, Digital Genius, Badoo, AccessPay, Smarkets, Revolut, Puddle, VIRTUS, Adaptemy, etc., are distinguished by an innovative approach to solutions, have a high concentration of talented specialists (developers, engineers and researchers at the intersection of disciplines) and the dynamics of product development. Teams are usually small – up to 200 people, have an international composition and an open and friendly subculture. Salaries in such projects can be significantly higher than the average level, as well as the pace and style of work – significant workload and complex tasks.