How to Wash a Car Correctly

Greetings to You, Friends. In the offseason, Most Cars on Our Roads Can Be Distinguished only. The Color of EVERYONE is the SAME – Dirty – Gray. UNFORTUNATELY, WE Can Dream of European Cleanliness. TheFore, Many Motorists Prefer Not to Wash Their Iron Horses At All, Until the Streets Finally Dry Out. And they offen do this not of savings, but firing the considequences for the lcp of their car. AFTER ALL, Road Dust Is a Terrible Abrasive from Exposure to Which The Entire Surface Looks as IT JUST Been Treated with SandPapapaper. SINCE It is Correct to Wash The Car To Avoid Such Consequences?

How to Wash Offten?

No Matter How Sad, But it is in the Spring to Wash Off Dirt as Offten as Possible. AFTER ALL, In A LARGE Number of Reagents and Salt Have Accumulated in the Long Winter, Which Actively Processed Roads in the Cold. Now, this mixture, diluted with spring water, Has Turned into a Terrible Mixture, From Which All Chips and Scratches that Have Formed During the Winter Months Will QUCKLOM “.

Who to enterust the sink?

I WOULD Recomment Entrusting the Professionals in this Period During this Period. Spring Dirt Firmly Holds Onto The Surface of the Body and Washed It Off Without Using Special Technologies – Just. And spruce with a sponge so that it is laging Behind, Fraught with a Paintwork. The only point is to Approach The Selectation of a Sink Responsibly.

A Special Sponge Does Not Accumulatte An Abrasive and Leaves No Trace

FIRSTLY, IT ShOLD WORK MODERN TechNologies. The Most Progressive and Safe, The 3rd Step. FIRST, The Washer Rinses Dirt with A Strong Stream. THEN, ANEUTralizing Alkali and Salt Are Applied to the Body, and The Washer Begins to Process The Surface with A Sponge. In this case, a special sponge shoup ​​be used, it do notscumulate an abrasive and leaves no traces of the pain, but it removs the electrostic dirt well, Which ramsh Not Wash Off. Now it It Remains to Wash Off the Remains of Dirt with A Clean Stream and Dry the Body.

Secondly, The CorreSponding Car Chemistry Shoup Be Used. Now there ARA A LOT of it on the Market, But the Quality Does Not Always Correspond to the Label. TheFore, Before Driving a Car, Ask What the Masters use. IF the Compositions of Unknown Manaufacturers or the Cheapest Compositions, It Is Better to Contact Another Car Wash. The Difference in the Cost of Services, As a Rule, Differs Little, But the Quality and Most Importly The Consequences Will Be Completely Different.

Modern Auto Chemistry Williably Protect the Car Body

Thirdly, Specify What Additional Services The Sink Offers. For Example, The Same Processing with “Liquid Glass” Gives An Excellent Effect. IMPROVES THE AppeRANANCE OF THE LKP, and It HAS to Be Washed Much Less Offten. And the use of varius Polishes Allows You to Maintain The Body in Perfect Condition for a Long Time.

SO on the Question of How to Wash The Car Correctly, Not as Simple as it Seems At Foursst Glance.