Mitsubishi Canter Cars.

In 1962, The Famous Mitsubishi Motors Company Began Releasing a Truck, Which Initially Receved the T720 Index. A Little Later, this Index, Mitsubishi T720 Was Replaced by Mitsubishi Canter.

On the Automobile Market, The First Model of this Truck Appeared in 1963. And this first model of the truck with a Carrying Capacy of Two Tons Has Gained Wide Popularity. The fact is this truck was the efficiency and reliability of the two -liter diesel Engine of the 4dq Model. This Car Was Inexpensive, and Its Deceded to Start the Mass Production of this Truck, Giving it Modern Name Mitsubishi Canter.

For Five Years, This Truck Has Not Changed Technical Characteristics Until Its Time To Install A New, More PowerFul 4DR1 Model On Mitsubishi Canter in 1968. The Power of this Engine Was 75 Horsepower. SO THE Second Generation of Trucks Appeared. Four Years Passed, and the Mitsubishi Concern Has Release aW Generation of Trucks. Their Carrying Capacy Increased from Two to Three and Half Tons. In Addition, At That Time No Truck Was Fast as Mitsubishi Canter. And in the Next, 1973, Not Only Traditional Diesel Engines, But Also Gasoline Engines Began to Install Therese Trucks.

SINCE 1978, The Production of Trucks with A Wider Body Began, And in 1994 a New Modification of the Truck Appeared: The Novelty Consisted in the Gas Engine Was FIRSTALSTAL Led On the Truck for the Truck.

In 1996, The Japanese Market Began to Receive An Improved Modification of Mitsubishi Canter Trucks -These No Longer Double -xle, But Three -xle Truckks. Their Permissible Total Mass Was 7.9 Tons, The Type of Engine – 4D34, Turbodiesel, with A Capacy of 165 Horsepower.

More Recently, in 2009, the Mitsubishi Company Began to Produce Mitsubishi Canter Eco Hybrid – The Latest Type of Rebellious Truck, Which is a Machine With An Electro Puter Planter Plan. This car has two Types of Engine: Diesel and Electric. A Truck Cank on Electricity, On Diesel Fuel, An Option is Also Possible When Both Engines Work at the Same Time.