Armenia, What the Capital of the City of Yerevan, Founded by Noah!

The History of Armenia Goes by Its Roots Far in Ancient Times. The Country Itself CanDered the Oldest of All Countries of the World. The First Mention of the AnceStors of the Current Armenians – Urumaytsy – Can Be Met in the Story of Homer Iliad and in the Scriptures of God – The Bible.   The Capital of Armenia is the City of Yerevan, it is locATed in the Center of the Armenian Highlands, in The Hesitation Height of 1390 Meters ABOVE SEA LEELEL.   The Most Important Attraction of Armenia is Mount Ararat, it is a shrine for the local population. According to Local Legends, The City Is Attributed to the Title of the Most Ancient Settlement, This Isplained by the Legend of. According to this legend, noah durning the flood, from the side of his ark, he saw the edge of the earth from the water (it was of mount ararat), he said: “yerevans!”That in the Translation” She Appeared!”.

There are many museums in the city itself: the museum of the firstory of armenia, the firstory of the City of Yerevan, the Nature of Armenia, Manym Houses. The Most Important Architectural Monments are in the Very Center of the City. HERE Are the Square of the Republic, the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts Metenadaran, The Fortress of Erebuni and the Akhtanak Park. There are Many Religious Structures in the City’s Features: Avana Temple (VI in.), The Blue Mosque (XVIII in.), and many depths churches and Temples. And Most Importantly – In the Capital of Armenia There is a Brandy Factory, it is Known for All Post -Soviet States.

Armenian National Cuisine

Armenian Cuisine is a Separate Song Armenia. The National Cuisine of the State Consedered the Most Ancient and the Most Satiffying. IF You Want to Learn Barbecue – Straight to Armenia! But, of Course, this is not only barbecue, but, and many cheses, Various Greens, Vegetables and Meat, and a Local Cake – Armenian Lavash! The Secrets of National Cuisine Are Very Simple – Many Different Greeenery and Seasonings, Minimal Us Vegetable Oils, Minimal Products of Food and OF COURSE ALOCAL ALCOHILIC DRIC GNAC. Armenian Cognac is a Separate Song, it is Known in Many Worlds of Worlds and the Most Famous Brands with Long -Stamps Are Exporteded.

Weather in Armenia

SINCE ARMENIA IS Located Among the Mountains, Its Climate Will Be High -Mountain, Continental. The Weather in the Winter Months Swaying From +2 To – 10, the I have been Cases to – 28, and so it is Mainly Soft with Abundant Snowfalls.   At the Very Begining of Spring (March), The Weather in Armenia Is From +5 To +15 AT Night – 1 to +5. With the Advent of Spring, Activity and Precipitation Show, Just Their Maximum Comes to March and April. With the Advent of Summer and the Temperature Regime Rice +22 and To +35. Summer in Armenia is Very Hot and Dry. As a Tourist, The Best Time to Visit the Country in Mid -spring and Golden Autumn.