New Development in the Swedish Industrial Design.

Swedish Industrial Designers Are Well Known Througout the World with Their Intersting Development. The Volvo Automobile Giant Began Introducing the Intellectual Control System of Heavy Vehicles, Which Willp them on Long -Routes and by Moving the. The System Is Called Vaita – A Highly Automated Car for Intellectual Transport. 28 Million Europe and the Ultimate Goal of Development Were Allocated for the Development-to Install Co-Driver on the Freight Vehicle, WHICH WHULD REACH o the traffic setting and the state of the driver himself.

AURVEY CONDUCTEDD BY THEOROPEAN Research Center to Determine the Causes of the Accident Rate Showed 47% of Accidents on Hoads with Trucks Are Due Due Due Monotony of movement of trucks in a column.

Volvo Trucks in the Near Future Will Be Equipped with External Sensors that CanSess The Situation on the Road, Scan Marking, Road Signs, Weather Conditions Its. D. Information from the Outside of the Truck Will Be Analyzed Along with Information from the Driver’s Cabin, ABOUT HIS MOOOD, CONDITION and Attention.

The Company Volvo Technology in Gotheborg (Sweden) IS Developing in Two Direction. The first distance is to Ensure The Maximum Security of the Driver, and the Second Direction is the Maximum Environemental Safety of Transporty. For Industrial Designers, this is a Large Field of Activity.

The Concept of “Safe Car” Includes Helping the Driver in A Sitation of Intensive Movement, Traffic Jams On the Roads. When The Trucks Are Moving in the Column, A System that is alriede on Modern Trucks Allows You to Reduce Speed ​​to 30 Km / Hour. The New Intellectual System Shoup Reduce Speed ​​to 0 Km / Hour, That is, Stop The Truck On Own and Start Moving On Your Own, Without Pressing The Accelerator Pedal by Driver. In Addition, The System Shoup Automatically Lead a Truck in Its Lane, Sticktly in the Middle and Also Without the Help of the Driver. Now the System Informs The Driver with A Sound Signal If IT Shifts from Its Strip, and Its Assumed IT Will Respond to This Signal. The New Intellectual System Should Do EVERYTHING FOR IT, WITHOUT HIS Participation. Additionally, The V2V System Will Be Installed. Trucks Moving in the Column Are In Constant Contact. As soon as the Drivers Presses the Brakes, The Other Participants Receive Information ABOUT THIS Two Seconds Earlier THEE THE BRAKING LAMPS LIGHT UP. Interesting is the system of e -gorisont. It Monitors The LEVEL of the Road, Slopes and Rises, Turns and Adjoing. This System is reported with the GPS Database and with Very Accurse Terrain Maps and Allows You to find the Optimal Movement Route. Much Attenation Is Paid to the Ergonomics of the New Management Nodes. This Will Be A Special Pride in the Work of Industrial Designers.

Such Intellectual Systems for Optimizing Freight Vehicles are Justified on Long Routes. A Housing Crossing in Moscow, An Office Move Can Be Performed with Cheaper Means – Light and Spacious Gazelle.

The Second Area of ​​Research, Which Woold Be Very Useful for Moscow Roads, IS an “Environmentilly Friendly Car”. The Developers Intend to Make Vehicles as Environmentilly Friendly as Possible. To this, you need to develop an effective interction of the Hybrid Engine, Gearbox and Other Car Systems to Save Consumption and Smallest Depreciation Ponents. IT ALSO Includes The Obligatory Training of the Driver with Environmental Driving.