History of the Appension of Car Glasses.

January 29, 1886, A German Engineer Applied for a Patent for HIS Invention. He was a Three -Haired Open Crew with an interlor -Combustion Engine – this is What The First Car in the World Looked Like. However, Progress in Those Days not Go as Long as Today, So Many Improvements Appeared Through Years and Decades.

This happeneed with glasses in the car. The Installation of the Car Glass Began On Cars Only 13 Years after Their Invention. Before that, the Wheels with the Engines Were ONLY Open. The First To Introduce this Innovation Was The Frenchman Marseille Renault (One of the Founders of Renault). In 1899, he showed the What World The First Car with A Closed Body, Which Renault Called the “Coupe”. Unusual At That Time, AS Actually and Now, The Car Had An Absolutly Flat Windshield and a Small Oval Glass in the Back of A Double Cab. The Doors Were Also Glazed. However, The Car Glass Gained Popularity Only Four Years Later, When Almost All Automobile Manuapactures Actively Began to Switch to the Windshields in the Design OFIN Hookles. In the Same 1903, The German Company Mercedes-Benz Introdued the World’s First Glazed Bus with A Special Body.

As for Russia, Here The First Manoufacturer to Start the Production of Glazed Cars Was the Gorky Automobile Plant. It is noting that form purposes, a Borsky Glass Factory Was Built to It, Which, Starting Since 1936, Was Engaged Exclusvel in Car Glasses.