How I Traveled to Switzerland.

This Winter I Am Going to Switzerland. IT Was My Dream for A Long Time. TODAY IS January 1st, Tomorrow I’M Going to Moscow, and from theere by Plane to Switzerland. I have Alread Checked My Luggage. I Hope I have not Forgotten Anything: First of All, AS COSTUME, AS Well as EVERYTHING THAT IS NEEDED FOR SKIING, ALSO CLOTHES FOR OTER OTERA CASS. E. A Weekend Dress, Trousers for the Street, Three Blouses, Skirt, Shoes, Handbag, Medicine, Bank Carts, Cash, Passport and All Addresses in Switzerland. My trip to Moscow took Place Without Complications, and Now I am Already Sitting on an Airplane on Berne.

After Two Hours, The Car Lands on a Large Flight Field in Bern. BERN SINCE 1848. – Location of the Switzerland Government. Bern is A Federal Capital, But Not the Main City. Because The Swiss Principle Is Based on the Fact That is No Main City, But there Are Many Cities. In Former Times, Bern Was the Center of the Great Principality, Which Included ABOUT ThREE Current CANTONS, BERN, VAAD and AARGAU. The Swiss are Rightfully Proud of the City of Bern, Which is the Face of the Century. I Had a Little Time for Bern, But I Saw The Tower Watches and the City Center. EVERY HOUR, GUESTS of the City Come to these Hours to Listen To a Clock Fight. I Walked Around the Old Part of the City. There are Many Small Houses Built in Past Centuries. There Are Many Museums, Theaters, Cinemas in Bern, the IS a Building Where The Parliament Sits, But I Had to Go Further.

Switzerland My Path Was in the Berne Mountain Area. Berne Mountain Area Is the Center of Alpine Tourism in the Southern Part of Canton Bern. I Had to go to Internet. This is the Oldest Resort for Foreigners in the Country. There is My Hotel, What I Can Ski to Pedel. On a Beautiful Suspension Road that Has a Centenary History, I Reted the Place. The Very NEXT MORNING AFTERA A HeARTY BREAKFAST, I WAS ABLE to RENT A COUPLE OF MODERN SKIS and ENJOY THE MUUNTAIN LANDSCAPE.

On the Second Day I took Part in A National Holiday. They All Sang a Lot there, Dancing, I Saw Ancient Sports: “Schwingen” – A Type of Strughe, N “Steinstens” – Pushging Stones. The Additional Program Incloud Banners, Musicians with Alpine Horns and Singers Singing iDl (A Special Type of Throat Singing in TyroL). Many Participants in the Holiday Put on Folk Costums.

Except Bern, I Saw Two More Cits – Zurich and Basel. In Zurich, ABOUT 350 Resident LLC. It is a City of Finance, Banking Center and Insurance Companies. The City Iso a Cultural Center. Zurich Theater Since the 1930s. Gained International Glory. The Many Theater Figures Emigrated from Germany to Switzerland. In zurich you can visit 20 museums. UnforTunatly, I DID Not Have Time for this Time.

The Second City I Visited is Basel. Basel Is the Gates of Switzerland Into the World. There are three stations in Basel, French, German and Swiss. The World Famous Concerns has their repressentate offices. The Most Important Industry Is Chemistry. Almost Half of All Chemical Products Are the Production of Drugs. Basel from 1460 G. It is a University City. My Vacation in Switzerland Flew Like One Moment. Full of Excellent Impressions, I Returned Home.