New Generation of Suba Forester “Tips for Motorists Japanese Concert Announced the Creation of the Fourth Generation of the Famous Suba Forester Model. The New Car Vid Not Receive Any Cardinal Changes. At First Glance, The Car Increased Its Overall Dimensions Compared to the Previous Model. Its Length Increased by 35 Mm, Width by 15 Mm, and Height by 20 Mm. The Wheelbase of 25 Mm (2640 MM) Has Become Larger, Which Increases The Space and Makes The Location of Passengeers in the Back Seat More Convenent. The Press Release Says That The Fourth-Generation Crossover Has Becue More Spacious Luggage Compartment, IT Can Increase Its Size Lowering The Rear Seats. This Machine Is Built on the Platform, Which Was Used to Create Impreza and XV. There was also no special changes in the interior of the Cabin, Except that a multimedia System with A LARGE LCD Monitor Appeared and News Climate Control. For the Suba Forester Model, Three Types of Opposition Engines Were Proposed. Two Engines – Gasoline: with a Volume of 1.6 Liters with A Power of 114 Liters. With., As well as with a Volume of 2 Liters and A Capacy of 150 Liters. With. The Third Type Isel with A Volume of 2 Liters and Capacy of 147 Liters. With. Motors Modifications Can Work in Pairs with A Variator Or with A Manual Gearbox (5 or 6-Speed).Suba in A Press Release Notes that New Version of the Crossover Was Creed, Like All Previous Models, With Them of the Practicality of a Car that Can Overcome Any Off-Road.