The History of Mitsubishi Cars.

The History of Mitsubishi Cars Began Long Before The First Car Got Off the Conveyor and Got Into the Garage of Its Very First Owner. IT All Started Almost a Hundred Years Before with Ships and Shipbuilding.

The Founder of the Company Mitsubisi Yataro Ivasaki Founded His Company in the Seventies of the Nineteenth Century. Initially, The Company Was Engaged in the Production of Counds and the Repair of Counds. However, Already in the First Years of Its Existence, The Intersts of the Company’s Management to Extend to Scientific Innovations of That Time Time Tim.

Few People Know, But the First Cars of this Manoufacturers DID NOT APPEAR in the Sixties of the Last Century, But Half a Century Earlier. The First Cars of that Time Were Largly Similar to Ford Cars. However, Soon It Was Necessary to Refuse the Production of these Cars, BecAuse The Demand for Cars in Japan of that Time Was a Minimum.

Message Production of Cars Mitsubishi Established in the Sixties of the Last Century. Before that, The Field of Intersts was Limited to the Production of Buses and Trucks. Almost Immediatly, these Cars Attracted Close Attendation Buyers. Today, EVERYONE CAN PURCHASE A MITSUBISHI CAR. It is enunch to buy a car for leasing and you will beCome the Owner of an Excellent Modern Car.

In Russia, the first cars of this manafacturr appeared in the early nineties. Almost EVERYONE Dreamed of Having A Similar Car. True, a similar Dream was inaccessible to many. The Situation Has Changed for the Better Gradully: Today Almost EVERYONE CAN AFFORD SUCH A CAR.