Country Egypt

The Republic of Egypt is Consedered the Country of Two Continents, As it is located in north Africa and on the sinai Peninsula.


In EVERY City of Egypt, The History of this Amazing Country Has Been Preserved. It is difficult to talk ABOUT THE SIGHTS OF THIS Unusual Country – Which are a LOT That Wereted in Different Periods of Time.

ALSO An Endless Desert Attracts Attendation of Millions of Tourists. Probably The Most Famous Attraction of Egypt is the Sphinx and the Cheps Pyramid that in Giza. The PowerFul Structure, Inside of Which Funeral Chambers, Narrow Passages, this Structure is Rightfully Considend of the Greatest Mysterious Buildings in History And Main Main Ymbol of Egypt.

In the Capital of Egypt in the City of Cairo therma More than Three Hundred Mosques of Unusual Architecture, As Well as the History Museum and the Khan El Khalidi Market, Which Ver Ver Ver Y Unusual for Tourists. The World -famous Museum is in the Open Air, Which Was Built on the Site of Ancient Thebes, The Mighty City of Luxor.

Tomb of Tutankhamun, Ramses and Amenofis. No Less Popular Island of Files on Which The Temple Was Built in Honor of the Goddess Issis. In the City of Asuan Is the Famous Alexandrian Lighthouse, Which is One of the Seven Wonders of the World. One of the Most Popular Resorts of Egypt is the Resort of Sharm El Sheikh, Which is located on the sinai Peninsula. Hurghada City, this is not a doubtful place for a good vacation with Children.

In Order to Apprecate the Beauty of Egypt, of Counse You Need to Visit This Country and See Evenithing Yourself.

National Cuisine

Almost EVERYONE Will Like the Traditional Egyptian Cuisine, Those Who Love Meat, Fish, Seafood, As Well as Vegetarians. The People in this Country Actively Consuming Rice, Beans and Also Spitses Are Very Popular in this Country.

At each meal, the egyptians Necessarily Consume Bread “AISH”. AISH IS A ROUNDED and FRAGRANT CAKE, Which IS Preferred Here to Dagger Into An Eggplant Dep with Olive Oil and Garlic, As Well as in Turkish Walnut Pasta, Or Sesame Seeeds. ALSO, This Cake Is Cut in Half and Filled with Different Fillings.

Undoubtedly, it is Worth Tasteing the Rolls from the Filling of Rice and Minced Meat, Wrapped in a Graph. Egyptian cuisine is rich in a laarge number of varius salads, Which Aresoally Seasoned with Olive Or Lemon Juice, As Well as in Large Fruits and Vegetables.

Egyptian Cuisine is Also Known for Their Desserts for Which Nuts, Creams, Honey Are Used and Because of this Arjally Very Sweete.


The Desert Tropical Climate Prevails in the Country of Egypt. Egypt is located in a Subtropical, Tropical Belt and Is Part of the Sahara Desert.

In the Summer Here Its to Plus Fifty Degrees Day and Night. So The Daily Temperature Differences Are Very Large, The Off -Season Is Much Less.

In January, Usually Plus Twenty-Twenty-Five Degrees Celsius, Nights Here Are Cold, There Are Even Frosts. Precipitation Falls Little.

The Country Shoup Not Visit in the Month of February, SincE Its This Winds Are Very Blowing.