The Legend of the Freedom -loving Country of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the only consal. Visitors Will be Struck by its Beauty of Nature, Rich Culture and Incredibly Exciting History. The Amazing Variety of Landscapes and the Ancient Traditions of Local Nations Charm the Most Demanding Tourists.

The Attractions of Ethiopia

Addis ABABA, The Capital Located at An Altitude of 2440 Meters, Has Several Noticeable Attractions, Such AS: The National Museum, The Palace of Jubilee, The Cathedral of ST. George, The Ethnology Museum. The Ancient Capital of Ethiopia Was the City of Aksum, Known THANKS to Ancient Granite Obelisks and Several Catholic Churches. Ancient Ethiopia Country Proposes to Visit Another Medieval Capital, A Gondar in Which You Walk Among the Ruins of Several Castles. The Largest Monolithic Fortress in the World Is Medeine Alem Bete (Lalibela), and the City of Harar Is the Most Agglomed Place of Ethiopia, Possessing the 99TH Mosques Aur Ter For Trade Coffee.

Like Many Other African Powers, Ethiopia’s Country Offers Exciting Safari, In ITS 14 Reservations. Another Adrenaline Adventure is the Study of the Underground Labyrinths of the Hole-Dawa, In Which You Find Many Evidence of Prehistoric Settlements. The Pressence of the Guide Is Required Here. Natural Sources in the National Parks Avash (Awash) and Sodeere Filwoha Create Pools Full of Healing Water.

Ethiopia National Cuisine

Abyssinian Cuisine Is Complex and Diverse. BERBER – A SAUCE THAT CONTAINS Kayen Pepper and 12 Other Local Spits. This Dish is Hard and Served with Chicken, Lamb, Goat or Beef. Pork in Ethiopia is used only by tourists not muslims. Strange, But the Country of Ethiopia Is Not Very WelCome to Fish, Which is Served Only in Restaurants. And One More Thing: Coffee Ends Throughhout Its Territory.

Weather in Ethiopia

The Subequatorial Climate Used by the Ethiopia Country is characterized by a smalll annual amplitude and a laarge daily amplitude (Up to 16 Degrees). The Period From March to May Is the Hottest (Up To 30 Degrees), and The Coolest Is July -September (Up To 22 Degrees). In the North-East of Ethiopia, At the Danachil Desert, Much Hotter (YES 40 Degrees).