The Country is Georgia

Georgia is a Very Beautiful and Exotic Country Rich in Its History. Echoes of Ancient Times and Modernity are Intertwined in it. This is a Solar Country with its Beautiful Nature, Which Pleases and Attracts All Tourists. Having Visited Georgia, You Will Definite Return there AGain.

Arriving in Georgia, it is Necessary to Visit The Old Tbilisi – this is of the main attractions of the conservation. Narrow Streets, Old Houses with Thed Roofs, Carved Terraces – You Will See All this Visiting the Old City.

Be sure to see the Pedestrian Bridge of the World, Which is located in the Capital of the Country. According to the Design Idea, it is Made in the Form of Onions. Being on the Bridge, Your View Will Open in Front of Your Old City.

It is Also Worth Visiting the Monaster Located in the Rock. There are A Lot of Mountains in the Country. While At the Top of One of the Can See Evrything that is located at the foot of the mountain.

National Cuisine of Georgia

Georgian Cuisine Embodied the Traditions of Different Countries and Millennnia. The Main Delusion is that Basis of the Kitchen is meat, but this is not so. Georgians Prefer Dairy Products, Vegetables, Fruits and Cereals.

The Most Common Dish Is Cakes with Cheese (Khachapuri). Very Tasty Cook Barbecue, Khinkali, Lamb and Other Meat Dishes.

When Visiting the Meskhetian Village, You Will Be Given a Try of Local Silk Vodka, A Snack for Which Boilend Snails Serv.

In Georgia, They Love Beer Very Much. IT Can BE BUUGHT ON A SPILL EVEN In the Most Dull Village. Gruzins Practically Do Not Drink Tea. In the Villages the Do Not Even Sell Him. But minerel water is Very Fond of.

National Georgian Wine is Famous. SOME Travel Agencies Organize Tourists Trips to Tast Georgian Wines.

Climate of Georgia

In the Western Part of the Country, The Climate Is Subtropical, In the Eastern Part, The Subtropical Goes Into a Moderate. Mountains that Extend Throughhout the Country Have a Great Influence On the Weather.

In January, The Average Air Temperature Is Held From +3 C to +9 S. In the mountains, The Temperature Can Drop to 20 with Frost. Summer in Georgia Lasts a Long Time. In august, The Average Monthly Temperature Is +25 S.

Precipating in the Country Falls Out All year. Most Precipitation is Observed in the Fall and Winter. In the Mountains, Snow Falls in Novmber and Holds Until the End of March-Early April the Month.

The Best Time to Visit the Country by Tourists is Summer.