Easy ways to obtain Irish citizenship

In 2024, the popular methods of obtaining Irish citizenship are standard and simplified naturalization. An expedited status procedure is available to spouses and descendants of Irish citizens.

Birth and adoption

The following are eligible for an Irish passport:

  • persons born in the country before 2004;
  • applicants whose mother and father (or one of them) are/were Irish during their lifetime or have resided legally in the country as residents for at least 4 years;
  • children descended from unknown persons or persons who do not have the status of citizens.

Adoption by Irish people also entitles their adopted child to automatic status upon registration of guardianship. For persons born/adopted outside the country from its citizens, it is possible to request status by registering a petition on the official website of the immigration service. The period for reviewing documents when filing an application abroad is about two years.

Standard naturalization

According to the law, citizenship is available to foreigners who have lived legally in Ireland for at least 9 years. The candidate must have been permanently in the state for the last year before submitting the request, and the total period of his stay in the country must be at least 5 of the last 9 years. All applicants are required to formalize a written intention to live on the territory of the republic and take an oath.

The grounds for requesting a residence permit in Ireland for subsequent fulfillment of the residence qualification are:

  • official employment;
  • studying at an Irish university;
  • making investments;
  • marriage with a citizen of the country;
  • refugee/international protection;
  • family reunification;
  • conducting business activities.

Irish spouses can apply for status at least 3 years after marriage and additionally the same period of residence in the state (in total – after 6 years). Applications for the acquisition of Irish citizenship by naturalization are considered by the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs for up to 19 months.