The Country of Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a state that is located in west Africa. The Capital Is the City of Uagadugu. Despite the Fact That The Country Is One of the Smallest Countries in Africa, It Has a Large Number of Attractions that Will Undoubtedly BE TURISTS.

The Attractions of Burkina Faso

The Capital of the Uagadugu Is Somall Town. National Museum Has Settled. In Which Fragments of Clay Dishes and Many Ritaal Objects of African Peoples are Demonstrated. Near The Moro-Naba Palace, Anmazing Rite Is Held, Under the Name of the “False Departure of the Emperor”. Nearby is a Cathhedral from the Palace, Which in West Africa Is the Largest in Size.

A City is notworth, Which is located Nearby Three Hundred Kilometers from the Uagadugu, Called Bobo-Diulo. The City Is Attracted by A Large Mosque that is Erected from Clay and Attraacts Attend with the Interior Decoration. The Old Kibidvodi Region IS No Less Attractive for Tourists, In Which There is an Abundance of Handicraft Workshops.

The City of Banfor Is a Small Town with Two Main Streets. But it is the main place to send the faso buckina, Called Carfiguela to the Famous System of Waterfalls to the Famous System. The Waterfall System Attraacts Tourists with Its Beauty. A Rock Called Dam-Da-Kartuguel, Which IS Located Near The Waterfalls, IS an Excellent Place for Viewing The AREA. ATTRACTS with its Beauty Tourists and Lake Tegreakuta, Not far from the Lake theRe Simply Amazing Cliffs Sinda, Which in Their FormBle Abstract Sculptures.

Lying City in the North-East of the Uagadugu Called Mount Hero. The City Is the End of Civilization, Inter Which The Immense Desert Steppe Begins.

National Dishes of Burkina Faso

Burkin Faso’s National Dish Is Sorgenic Porridge, Which is Prepared from Baobab Sauce and Leaves. It is Very Popular Here Products Such as Millet, Rice, Corn, Peanuts, Potatoes, Beans. The Undounced Popularity in the Country of Burkina Faso Is Fish, Chicken Eggs and Goat, Lamb and Beet Is Fried or Stewed On Grill. The Traditional African Dish is the Chicken that is prepared in a peanut Bathing with Banananas. Of the Drinks IS undubtedly National, A Drink of Zom-Ku, it is Also Called a Drink of Friendship. It is prepared from Water, Sorghum, Ginger and Honey. Mental Drinks, You Shoup Not ForGet ABOUT THE NATIONAL DRINK, SUCH AS COFFEE in Burkina Prepare it in More Thirty Ways. From Alcohol in the State, Banji Wine, Which is Made on the Basis of Palm Trees, Is Popular in the State.

Climate Burkina Faso

In Burkina, A Tropical Climate Prevails in Burkina. The Coldest and Dry Months have Been The Months from Novmber to March. The Hottest and Dryest from April to May, and the Hottest and Most Wet Months, Are the Months from June to October. In January, The Average Temperature is ABOT TWENTY -four Degrees, In July ABOT TWENTY -EIIIIT Degrees.