DIY Salon Noise Insulation.

In the Cars of the Domestic Manuapacturer, The Noise Level in the Cabin is Quite High, At High Speed ​​the Sharp Increase in Its Increase. The increed noise of the car Tires The Driver and Passengers, Especially with A Long Trip. Specialists deal with the issues of reducing noise in the cabin, but you can do work on the soundproofing of a car with your own hands and at the same time get a positive effect.

For work on reducing noise in the Cabin, You Will Neeed: Noise -insulating Materials (Vibration Rolled, Noise -Pissing and SoundProofing); Roller for Rolling; Durable and Sharp Knife; scissors; Ruler and Roulette; Bright Marker; Surface Degree.

All SoundProofing Materials, With Proper Use, Cope with Their Task Perfectly. The Most Important Thing Is to Remember that the Sources of Noise in the Car are the Arches of the Wheels, The Floor and the Partition The Salon From the.

Let’s Start SoundProofing a Car with Your Own Hands.

Let’s Start the Work with The Decomposition of the Salon. To this, we free it comletly from all the components, that is, we disssemble to the basy, DISMANTLE THE SEATS and REMOVE THE ENTIRA SKIN (The Main Thing is Not to Damage The Wiring ). The Released Surface is Processed with a Degreaser, if the Machine Has a Factory Noise Insulation, We Leeve Its and News On Top.

Noise Insulation of the Car Must Be Performed in the Summer Or in a Heated Garage. This Contributes to Better Fixation of Materials to the Processed Surface. The first Layer is always applied by “Visomat, Vibroplast”, Vibration Absorber. We Make Measurements and Cut Out the Patterns, Remove the Protective Film and Glue It to the Prepared Surface, Rolled Tightly with A Roller. It is Necessary to Ensure that All the Joints of the SoundProofing Material are tightly adejacent to the arc.

The Second Layer Is Performed Similarly to the First, Cut and Glue The Noise -pink Material “Isotol Ks”.

The Third Layer Is Gloud Heat, SoundProofing Material “Splan”. IT MUST BE GLEED to the PARTION OF THE MOTOR Department (from the Interior) and the Arches of the Wheels. And only now We Fasten The Removed Lining of the Cabin and Install The Seats, Fix and Fix Its. The Salon Is Ready.

By ANALOGY, The Interior We Make Noise Interior of All Doors. It shoup ​​beTed that after removing the doors sheathing, it is Necessary to unfasten the Wires of the Windows and the Cable of the Handle.