The Idea of ​​Organizing a Municipal Taxi in Moscow Is Still Only An Idea

A Bold and Promising Idea – The Organization of A Municipal Taxi – Which Can Deliver a Tangibe to Illegal Taxi Drivers, Has Encounced Far From The Implementation. The Department of Transport of the Capital Says that Project is Inoperative Until A Single Dispatch. ABOUT THIS Writes “KomMersant-Money”.

The Plans of the Moscow Authorites to Create a Municipal Taxi Were Announced in Mid -February. Representatives of the City Hall Did Not Give Particular Details, BUT VOCED THE Intention to Allow URBAN TO TRAVEL Along the Allocated Lanes. Which Immediatly Caused DispleSure from Private Carriers. Naturally, this is a serious blow by Their Interests in the Most Non -Market Way. The City Hall Was Accused of Trying to Monopolize the Industry.

The Ruler Was Reassured by Taxi Drivers, Curling That this is not ABOUT THE CREATION OF ATATE -OWNED ENTERPRISE, WHICH WOULD COPETE with A Private Tradeer, BUT ABOUT THEOUT THE UNIFICATI On Under the Patronage of the City of Commercial Carriers.

However, So Far This Is Still Far Far From Real Implementation. The Department of Transport Says that Project is too Poorly Worked Out. This is Rather only a General Concept than a Preparte Set of Muchanisms with Which it can be implements. A Clear Vision, How the Work of a Municipal Taxi Shound Be Organized, The Authorites Do Not Yet Have.