Using the Anti -Radar

Using An Anti -radar Among Drivers, Especially Among Lovers to Expeded the Permissible Speed ​​of Movement, IS Quite Popular on the Roads OF OUR VAST COUNTRY. ABOUT THE FUNCTIONS OF THIS DEVICE, and ABOUT THE NUANCES OF ITS Use, Today WEA WANT To TALK.

Perhaps you need to start with the main One, and Make a Reservation that Anti -radar Is the Name, Which is not Fully Corresponting to Reality. The Correct Name of this Device Sounds Like a Radar Detector, and this is Due to Its Main Function. The Radar Detector Only Fix The Signals from Radars with Speed ​​Determination Sensors, and Certainly Does not Block Them in Any Way.

TheFore, This Device is Intended only for Warning, and to Call it Anti is not entiRely Correct. However, Among Drivers, This IS More Popular, BecAuse of the Opportunity to Be Annotated Police Radar, and How to Get Around Its Action Action.

The Action of the Radar Detector Is Quite Simple, and is Based on the Difference in Distances, Between The Observant Apparatus and the Controlling. Radars Measured Speeds, Act at a Distance of Four Hundred to Eight Hundred Meters, While the Radar Detector (Anti-Radar) Works at a Distance ONE TO Two Kilometers. As a Result, The Driver Expeding the Speed, Learns ABOUT THE MONITORING EQUIPMENT, MUCH EARLIER – THEAH CAN MEASURE THE SPEED of VEHICES. Voice Notification and Quite High Sensitivity, Make this Anti -Player Invariably in Demand Among Car Owners.