Looking for the Reasons for the Popularity of VW Amarok Automatic

The Amarok Model Is in Our Country in Pretty Good Demand. SO, More than 3127 Amarok Cars Were Sold Over the Past Year. HAVING NOTREDED SUCH POPULARITY, The Company HAS RELEASSEDA AMAROK TO MARKET – WITH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. This is What Will BE Discussed in this Article.

VW Management is not Very in A Hurry with The Release of the Amarok Model with Automatic Transmission. But, Having Deceded on Such a Crucial Step, The Company Deceded Not to Be Modest: For the First Time in the World, The Pickup Receved the Hydromechanical Tomatic “. True, this Transmission is used only in the Flagship Version with A 2.0 -liter Engine (163 Liters. With.). By the Way, In Addition to the Transmission, The Novelty Also Receved a Modernized All -Wheel Drive System. Thanks to it, there is the Possibility of Forced Blocking the Rear Differential, But there is no reduced gear.

Inside Amarok is Distinguished by Restraint and Canve BE SAID BY GOSSIP. Of the elements of luxury, in the Test Car, Only A Leather Finish of Seats and Steering Wheel and Audio Complex with Navigation and Touchscreen. But, with all this, there is immediatly an Excellent Ergonomic – The Landing Is Quite High, Large Mirrors, Fairly Narrow Windshield Racks. The Landing Is Quite Dense – The Seats are PerfEctly Supported On Corners and Allow You to Quite Actively Wich Afraid to “Fly Outside” Outside “Outside hair.

The REAR Passengers are also not without comfort. The Landing Is Quite High At the Back, The Legs Do Not all, and Due to Special Stamping on the Front Seats, The Knees of the Sitting From The Back Do Not Retust ON THE COMP S of these Seats. IS ALSO Impossible Not to Note Such pleasant Little Things Like Armrests on the Doors, As Well As Located at the Base of the Rear Sofa. True, some inconvenence causes the absence of pockets in the backs of the front seats – the is simply to play the little Things on the Way, and it is not very convention. Poke it into the deep niches of the doors.

There are enunch “Germans” and Other Small, But Still ShortComings. In Particular, the IS a “Howl” of the Glass Engineer Electric Motor, the Heated Seats are “Plugged” with the Control Buttons of the Control Climate Buttts, and Allly Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Allly Allly Allly Allly Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Allly Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle Other “Twins” of a Rather Small Size, Which Creates Some Inconvenence whetlets with Them … True, it is not not the car asembled in Germany look much better than lyft the arhentinean concrete. SO, in the Cabin there Are No Previous “Crickets”, The Heating Fan Doges Not Make Sounds, The Upholstery doz Not the Cladding of the Door Handles, the Contacts of the Bu. Ttons of Turning on the Heater of the Front Seats are not mixed up in places.

But Back to the Main Feature – Automatic Transmission. At the first Impression, The Tandem of the “Automat” with a TurboCharged Diesel Does Not Behave Unequivocally. On the One Hand, The Gearbox Manipulates Excellently – Clarity and Smoothness at Height. On the Other Hand, If You Move in a Fairly Dense Car Stream, the Box Begins to “Brake”. SO, Even in the Sports Mode of the Transmission, There Are Certain Pauses in Response to the “Cotton” Action of the Accelerator. IF YOU “CRUSH” The Pedal, The Automatic Transmission Descents Into Steps with A Delay Lasting 1-1.5 Seconds.

So, we figureed out a little work with the work of the transmission. But Like OUR “Beast” with appetite? According to Official Figures, Fuel Consumption in Mixed Traffic Mode is 8.3 Liters Per 100 Km of Path. Buts is official information. In Practice, For Example, this Indicator Lies in the Redistribution of 11 L65 R17, Chrome Decoration of Body Elements, Tinning the Rear Glasses, A Larger Display OF THE AUDIO Complex, 6 L Oudspeakers, and 2 Zone Climate Control.