VAZ 2110 Windows with Your Own Hands.

VAZ 2110 Windows with Your Own Hands

UNFORTUNATELY, the IS Nothing Forever in this World, and this is far from Philosophical Reasoning, it is a Harsh, Though Life. Cars are no Exception and in this article i Will Tell You to Cope with Small Problems, In Particular How Will Cope with the Replacement of the Vaz 2110 Lift. It’s no secret that glass lifts are of two Types of Mechanical and Electric. And Their Replacement is not a Complicated Process that Requires a Minimum of Effort.

Mechanical Glass Lift.

Mechanical Glass VAZ-2110 LIFT is Installed with your OWN HANDS IS ALSO to Change the Light Bulb, For the Replacement You Will NEED KEYS BY 10, Two Crosses of the Cross S and Flat, Pliers and A Remedy for Rusty Rust. FIRST of All, You NEED to REMOVE THE DOOR CARD, It is Removed Very Easily, Its Enugh To Unscrew All the Handles from the Card Itself From the Latches. AFTER that Mechanism of the Lift Glass Will Be Visible, It is Fixed on the Door of the Car Using Several Bolts and Nuts, They Ned to BE Lubricated with A TOOL FOR CORRORORODING RUST, WD-40 or Vinegar (Vinegar Has the Same Properties AS WD-40, Buts More Slowly). The We Lower The Glass and Unclench The Latch On to Free The Cable, Inter Which We Release the Stretch Roller and Unscrew the Lifting Glass Mechanism. The Installation Process Takes Place in the Reverse Sequence, and You Need to Spend 30-40 Minutes on the Entire Robot.

Electric Glass Lift.

Installing the Electric Glass of the Lift is A Little More Complicated and Longger, But Not for a Lot. The Mechanical Part of Such a Lift Glass is Installed Accuratel, as this is described ABOVE, The Entire Process and Installation Sequence Are the Same. The Difference Is That You have to Install Buttons and Stretch The Wires. To do this, you will need an elementrical circuit and an appropropriate Tool (Indicator, Nippers, ISO-TAPE and EVERYTHING THAT WAS NEEEDED to Install The Mechanical Glass of the Liff). In Order for the Glass to Be Ring and Lowered as it is shook, Control Buttons, Fuses and a Car Battle. IF You Use the Scheme, The Evething Will BE Connected Correctly and in the Right Order.

GLASS VAZ-2110 LIFTS can be installed with your Own Hands Whathout Much Effort and Takes it Not Much Time. The Most Important Thing in this Case is not to be mistaken howlar, Because Each Glass Lift is Made for A Certain Door (Front Right, etc. D.) and cannot be installed on the Other Side.


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