Republic of Congo – Exotic of Central Africa

Located in the Center of the African Continent, The Republic of Consists of Rich Landscapes, With Waterfalls and Fast Rivers, Virgin Forests and Abundance of Wild Animals. In the Forests, The Refuge Found Unique Indigenous Tribes that Live According to Their Ancient Customs, and Colorful Sandy Coasts Arepted by Picturesque Lagons, Besaus, BesaSas E of Which The Mayombe Mountains Peek Out.

Sights of the Republic of Congo

The City of Brazzavil Is the Capital and the Oldest City of the Republic of Congo. In this City, Tourists Gain Access to Various Exciting Events and Places for Research. It is located on the Western Side of the Malebo Basin (Malebo) of the Congo River. Its Main Attractions are: The Basilica of St. Anna, The Powl Potor Poto, Mungali Square, The National Museum, The Municipal Garden and the Degall House, Which Live Here When Brasvil Was The Capital of Free France. Other Cits of the Country Art Gamboma, Owando (Owando), QUSSO (QUSSO) and POINTE-NOIR.

The first Church in the Congo Was Built in 1882 in Linzolo (Linzolo), Near the Capital. Hera Is the Headquarters of the World Health Organization. The Republic of Congo Also Has Its Own King, Who is Named Macoco and Has a Resident in the Historical Village of M`be (M`be).

Tourists Who have Come to the Country Can Familiarize Themselves with Other Interesting Attractions: A Valley of Butterflies, Waterfalls of Lufulakari (Loufoulakari) E Dieu, Traditional Villages of Loango and Diosso (Diosso.), Sunbathe on the Beaches of the Cat-Sauvage (Cote Sauvage), Ride Water Skiing Along the Congo and Kuulou Rivers (Kouillou).

National Cuisine of the Republic of Congo

The Soil of Tropical Forests Is Poor, But Having Come Here, Tourists Will Beazed At the Abundance of Fruits and Vegetables. Despite the Abundance of Savannah and River Valleys, Only 2, 5 Percent of the Country’s Territory Is Cultivated Soil. NeverTheless, The Republic of Congo Is Rich in Various Exotic Products, Such AS: Bananas, Manioca, Peanuts, Coffee, Cocoa, Tarot and PineApple. Its from these Ingredients that Favorite Dish of the Local Population Is Prepared – Yuuma Pudding. A Feature of Congo’s Cooking Isa on the Use of Animal Meat, Which is a Tatter of a Particular Village, Even, of An Individual.

Weather in the Republic of Congo

The Climate of the Republic of the Congo Does Not a Lot To Travel. Great Humidity and Large Differences Cise InConvent During Rest, But the Winter Dry Season, Which Lasts June to august, Can Be a Convent Time to Familiarize Youth Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su su su su su su su su su su su su su su su su su su su su su super CH an Exceting African Territory as the Republic of Congo, Especially SincE The Temperature Regime at this Time of the Year is Quite Comfort is 27-33 Degrees.