56 Thousand Cars of Avtovaz May Have Problems in the Fuel System

Avtovaz announced that more than 56 Thousand Motorists Who Go to Lada Kalina, Priora and Samara Should Call On Specialized Car Services. The Fact is That Th, Cars May Have Deviations in the Operation of Fuel Lines. Factory Testers During the Testing of Finished Goods on Some Vehicles Found that are not -components on the fuel tubes. TheFore, Avtovaz Warned Dealers that Service Campaign Begins. Soon, Car Owners Whio Fall Under the Recall Shoup Receive Notifications. You Still Need to Call in Service Centers. Note that in Its Entire History Avtovaz Has Not Yet Announced Such a Large Service Campaign. For Example, In January, More than 10 Thousand Lada Weres. The Reason Is the Defect in The Engine Part, Which is Produed by the Bashkir Plant “Belzan. In Novmber Last Year, Almost 12 Thousand Lada Kalina, Priora and 4 × 4 Were Recalled, The Prince Was in the Brake System. As for the Volume of this Review, It Can Be Compared with the Same Sales Volume of the Car Factory. In march, The Enterprise Sold Almost 55 Thousand Lada in Russian and Foreign Markets. Avtovaz embhasizes that not all cars have a defect, but you n, toe to check.