Tunisia is a country of spits, Ancient Cits and Winds of Sahara

The Hospitable Tunisia Is Full of Contrasts, Spitses, Ancient Cits, Fascinating Festivals. One of the Amazing Aspects of this Country is the fact that all its cities are Very Ancient, Because The Country of Tunisia Belonged, in Turn, The Phoenicians and Carthaginians The Romans and the Byzantines, The Arabs, The Turks and the French. In Addition, The Country of Tunisia is Probably the Modern Islamic Territory: Local Women Enjoy All the Rights, and Alcohol is not Prohibited.

The Attractions of Tunisia

There are so many attractions in tunisia that it is under pressent them with a list:

Mosque zituna in the city of tunisia;

The Bardo Museum, Which Has An Enchanting Collection of Roman Mosaics, and Located in the Beautiful Palace of the 17th Century;

Kartakena, Built by the Phoenicians and Turned by the Romans Into the Third in Grandeur, The City of the Roman Empire;

Sidi-octus mosque in the Holy City of Kairuan, Wherey Found Their Place Even More than 50 Mosques;

Ruins of the Ancient Roman City of Dugga (Kairouan);

Colosseum El-Jem (EL-JEM), In Which 30,000 PEOPLE WERE PLACED;

Underground Houses of Matmata Built by Berber;

The Underground Village of Bulla-Rogia (Bulla Regia), Built by the Romans;

a year in the duz desert (doz) from Which Safari Is Organized in the Desert;

The Mysterious Lake Shott El Jerid, Which Has the Habit of Disappear;


Jerba Island with Cool Beaches, Palm Trees and Craft Villages That Make Unique Souvenirs.

Tunisia National Cuisine

Local Cuisine is a mixture of European, Arab and Berber Traditions, and Its Unique Spitses Belong to the Mediterranean Culture and Civilizations, Which Owned the. The Most Famous and Popular Traditional Dish Iscous, Which is Preparte in Different Ways, But Usually Contains Vegetables, Semolina, SaUCES and IS Served when Lamb Meatat.

Weather in Tunisia

Like Other Territories of North Africa, The Country of Tunisia Is Influence by Mediterranean and Sahara. Its Summer Temperatures Show, On Average, 22-32 Degrees, and Winter-From 5 to 12 Degrees. Thus Temperature Indicators are True If Sultry Winds from Sugar Are not Falling Into the Country – Sirico. Mercury in Thermometers, During this Period, Can Fly Up To 55 Degrees.