Car Directly from the Owner – On Credit Absolute Bank

Unusual for the Russian Banking Services Market, The Credit Product Is AnnouNced by the Absolute Bank. Within the Framework of the New Car Loan, The Bank Client Receives a Profitable Opportunity to Buy ASED CAR Directly from Its Owner, Without to the Services of Intermedire IES, and, TheREFORE, SAVING THE MEANS.

An Important Advantage of the New Program is the Fact to the Bank Takes Control of the “Legal PURITY” OF THE TRANSACTION, Checking the History of the PurchaShed Car, And ITS PREVI OUS Owner. As for the Bank’s Requirements for the Borrower, They ALSO Not Very BurdenSome.

As doCumbities Mandatatory for Consederation by the Bank, The Application for a Loan IS Required Only A General Passport, and Any Second Document at the Discretion of the Borrower ’S L. Driver’s Iceense, Valid Passport, or Certificate in Form 2ndfl.

When Making a Decision on Issuing A Loan, Not Official, But Also Indirect Income of the Borrower, Which Allows You to Count on a Positive Decision to Represent Voillells Businesses are Taken Into Account. The Amount of the First Contribution Is 30% of the Cost of the PurchaSed Car, The Period For Which AS Provided Can Reach Five Years. At the Same Time, the Interest on the Loan Does Not ExcEeed the Average Market in the Car Loan Segment, And is 13.9% per annum.