Bagama stat is the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

Bagama (the Commonwealth of the Bahamas) is a state located on the archipelago of which includes about seven hundred islands, of which only thirty and two thousand coral reefs are inhabited.

The Sights of the Islands of Bagama

Bagams Are One of the Largest Resort Center of the Western Earth Hemisphere. The Most Important Island of the Bahamian state of the island of New – Providen, it is on This, Main City of the Commonwealt of the Bahamas IS Located – Th, Th, Thke Capital Nassau. ABOUT TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE LIVE On New – Providence Lives. Nassau The City Is Not Very Large, But Modern. He sages not Sleep Around the Clock: Bars, Restaurants, Casinos are Open to Visitors Around the Clock. ABOUT MILLIONS OF TRAVELERS COME to BAGAMA Annoally. Nassau is a Paradise for Divers, for them there are specially flooded Vessels. For lovers to look at Historical Values, in the Capital, The Fortress Built in the Eighteenth Century Has Been Well Preserved. You can also Visit Such Attractions as: The Area of ​​the Parliament, The Building of the Supreme Court, The Fort of Charlotte, Etc..

The Second Most Popular Island of Bagama Island of Grand – Bagama. Grand Island – Bagama Is Primarily Attractive to Lovers of Active Sea Vacation. Tourists on it Can Watch The Feeding of Sharks, As Well as Swim with Dolphins. The Skeleton Is Rich in Unlimited Cuban Pines and Snow -white Shores.

The Largest Island in the Bahamian State Acute Andros. He is Rich in Natural Attractions, Such AS: Thick Palm and Mangroves. Apart from the Natural Attractions on the Island there Historical. Thhees Includa the City of Andros – Town, Where the Amulet of the City Is Located – Dolphin, The Beach of Somerset Beach, As Well as a Small City of Red – Bay.

Features of Each Island of this Can BE Listed Infinity, Each Island Has Own Uniquinly, toys to which a large number of tourists from arrem arunds Ve Annoally on Bagama Annoally.

National Bahamian Cuisine

Bahamas Cuisine Is Primarily Fresh Frush and Seafood Dishes, of Course, Delicacies, Suchch as Crabs, Mollusks and Lobsters. One of the Main Ingred of this Amazing Kitchen is the Sea Snail, it is adeded to hot dishes, salads and snackks. An Integral Part Are Dishes of Peas, Rice, Local Vegetables and Fruits. As Well as Special Buns Called Jonnycakes. At the Bagams, There Was a Very Common Tortoise Soul Much, It Was Until the Were Exterminated.

Numerous Cocktails, As Well as Fruit Melods, Which Consisting of Various Fruits, Are Popular from Bagama Drinks. No Less Popular Dessert Ingredients Are Coconut Milk. It is aded to ice cream and biscuits.

Climate on Bagams

Climate on Bagama Tropical and Subtropical. This is affeded by the Warm Course of the Gulf Stream, Which is Like The Western Coast, As Well as a Soft Mild Wind Blowing from the Southeast. It isce of this in Summer that the TEMPeratURA Is Rarely Lower Thirty-Two Degrees and in the Winter Plus Fifteen Degrees. In January, the Average Maximum Temperature Reaches + 25 Degrees During the Day, and the minimum at night + 17, in february in the afternoon + 25, Night + 18, in march dunes + 26 AT Night + 18, in April Day + 27 AT Night + 20, in May + 28 AT NIGHT + 22, In June in the AFTERNOON + 30 AT NIGHT + 24, In JULY in the AFTERNON + 31 AT NIGHT + 25, In the AFTERNON + 31 AT NIGHT + 25, in September During the Day + 31 Night + 24, in October Day + 29 at Night + 23, in Novmber Day + 27 AT NIGHT + 21, In December During the Day + 25 AT NIGHT + 18. The Dry Months of the Year are march and February. The Period From May to October is Consedered the Most Rain on the Island. In the Same Period, Tropical Hurricanes Are Also Frequent. The Temperature of the Water in Bhamas from August to October Warms up to Plus Thirting Degrees, In the Rest of the Year the Temperature Is Held at the Level of Plus Twenty -Five -Five -Five -FIVE -FIVE -FIVE -FIVE Ty to Seven Degrees.