Berlin is Actually at All Times Consedered One of the Enlightned Fundamentals of Europe. EVERY YEAR The Capital of Germany Visits a Huge and Unreader of Traveleers, Because The City Is Famous for Very Popularity, and this IS No Meens No Way. Multibanding Memorable Places Serv as Support of the Most Ultramodern Fun and Fun, So in Berlin there is no need to be sad and hacking.    In the Numerous Ancient Town of Europe, In Most Cases, The Historical Center Is Located, But Berlin is an Exception. Throughhout Its Area, As If the Ancient Attractions are Scattered, Near Which The Current Structures Are Completely Independent. This Situal Does Not Provoke Contradictions and Inconsistencies – EVERYTHING IS ProvideDD.

Berlin on the Upper Part of the Television Tower – The Most Magnificent Structure of the City – Is the Observation Platform, from Were Anyone Canp. Panorama Opens Truly Incredible.    Reichstag – A Building that Serves AS ASSEMBLY of GERMAN GOVERNMENT – IS Open to Excursions, And Such a Chance IS Impossible to Miss. Architecture, Structure, Prints of Times, Earned to Get to Know Them. On May 1, 1945, The Reichstag Was Captured by the Soviet Armed Forces, Subsequently Which Theers Retained Numerous Notes on Its Walls. EVEN to this day, They Are not Destroyed Without Looking at the Restoration. ALSO Deliberately LEFT and MARKED from Bullets. The Meeting of the Reichstag Council Rejected the Memorandum Regarding the Cleaning of the Walls, Becase Many Weres for this.    Brandenburg Gate Is One of the Emblem Not only Berlin, But All of Germany, this is the Famous European Skimming. The Magnificent Structure Appedared as Symbol of the World, But Its Happened that Evend IS REVRITING IT. In the Era of the National – Socialist Directrate, The Brandenburg Gates Weres A Symbol of the Party, Now the Sign of Integration of Germany.    For Those Who are Fond of Museums, An Extraordinary Paradise Place Was Recreed in Berlin: The Island of Museums, Were The Ensemble is Located From Buldings of Various Twiners, Each Osh F Which Demonstrates a Special Interest. The Complex Contins Exhives of a Wide Variety of Topics, from Archaeological Remains to Modern Culture, Works of Art of Antiquity, Adjacent to the Creations of Current Timrent Timrents.    According to the Most Part, The Most Mysterious is the Square of Berlin – The Gendarmearkt, On Which The Gallic Church, Built in the XVIII Century, IS Located in the XIIX CENTRY, in the Baroque Style and New Baroque, and the Dramama Theater is Located Near Them – A Magnificent and Exquisite Decorated Building of the XIX.    Wen you have a desire to take a break or eat, The Diverse Comfortable Cafes and Bars Will Be Abley this in the Highest Category.