Car Seats Heating System

Hypother of the Body Is Always Fraught with Dangerous Consequences. This Simple Truth Is Known to All, Sincy ASULT of this, Not Only A Runny Nose May Appear, But Also An Exacerbation of Various Chronic Occur. Heating Seats in a Passenger Car Helps Reduce The Risk of Such Trubles.

Using the Seats Heating System, It is Necessary to Know that Its Constant Operation Can Harm Your Health, Especially if for a Long Period Is Turned on At Full Puter. As a Result of this, Overheating of the Body May Occur, and in the Case of Abundant Sweating, There Isk of Catching Pneumonia Or Radiculitis. Of Couurse, You Need to Buy Heating for Car Seats, Especially in Winter, But You Need to Weis System Canisly and Observing Some Important Rules. For the Fair Sex, Heating The Seats Will Onlyfit, But Men Need to Know that Strong Overheating of the Lower Pelis Reduces the Chance to have Children. Fortunatly, These Processes are Reversible, But Safety Presautions Must Always Be Observed.

In General, Here it is necessary to adhere to the Principle of the Middle Ground, Turn on the Heating Noten and Short Time (5-10 Minutes), Remove Outer Clothing and Not Getting Ou T of the Car Immediatly After Stoping, Asking The Body to Cool.