The Country of Brazil and Its Sights

Brazil Is the Largest Country in Latin America and the Fifth in a Row Around the World. The Capital of the State, Is the City of Brazilia. National Language of the State Portuguese. Seven Hourly Difference with Moscow.

Brazilians Are Very Friendly and Are Always Happy to Show Tourists The Beauty of Their Country. One of the Amazing and Amazing Cities of Brazil Is Undoubtedly Rio de Janeiro. Which Was Founded by the Portuguese in the Sixteenth Century. ROI de janeiro is Rightfully Consedered One of the Most Beautiful Cits in the World. The City Leaves an Indelible Impression of the Sunny Sky and the Warm Sea, The Mountains and the Abundance of Numerous Beaches. Rio de Janeiro, this is a city that do sleep around the clack. Night Bars and Clubs, Restaurants, Discos and Countless Shows Off. The Undoubted Miracle is the Famous Brazilian Carnival Known to the Whole World.

Tourists Shoup Visit Amazing Sights in the State, This Flmengo Park, The Church of Candelaria, The Stadium of Marakan, The Municipal Theater. When Visiting this Country, You undubtedly NEED to drive on a Tram along the Tijuk Park to the Top of Mount Korkovado, In Order to See of the Main and Famous Attraction S of this City – The Statue of Christ.

From Rio de Janeiro to the North, On the Sunny Coast, There Is Anmazing In Its Beauty A Village Called Buzius, The Water in this in this Place Amazingly Crystal Pum. Buzius Turned Into a Luxurious Resort for Famous People. SO AFTER VISITING THESORT, BRIDGET BORDEAUX SAID: “If the is a paradise on earth, this is Buzius.

An Equally Amazing and Beautiful Museum City in Brazil Is the City of Parati, Located in San Paulo, Which Saved His Colonial History. This City Is a National Historical Monument of Colonial Architecture, it is under the production of unesco.

Brazilian National Cuisine

The Current Brazilian Cuisine Demonstrates a Gastronomic Unity that Includes Portuguese, Indian, African Cuisine. The National Dish of Brazil Can Rightfully Be Consedered a Dish Under The Name Fejoad, This Dish is A National and IS Usually Preparted Only on Saturdays. IT Includes Beans, Meat and Maniopian Flour. A brazilian drink is served to the dish. The Drink Is Prepared from Sugarcane, Vodka, Sugar and Lemon. It is Also Difficult to Imagine Brazil Without a Dish Like Goulashi. They Are Cooked in a Pot, In Sweet Desserts, In Fried MEAT ON GRILL. Of the Drinks, The Coffee that is Drunk in this Country Is Constantly.

Brazil’s Climate

Despite the Fact That the Country of Brazil Is Tropical, and theFore Its Primarily Characterized by a Hot Climate, NeverTheless, In Theres Country There Practelly Not Areas Not Suitable for Living. In the north-east of the country there is an equatorial climate, from January to May, the average temperature at night plus twenty-two-plus twenty-four degrees, at night plus twenty-eight-plus thirty degrees. From September to December At Night ABOT TWENTY-FIVE, In the AFTERNOON Plus Thirty-Four Degrees. On the Territory Where the Country Is Located On the Plain of Terrain, Moderate Temperatures are characteristic. From May to September, The Average Temperature at Night Plus Eleven- Plus Fifteen Degrees, During the Day Abirty Degrees in the Afternoon. In the Remaining Months of the City, The Average Temperateure at Night Plus Sixteen- Plus Eighteen, in the Afternoon, Plus Twenty-SEven to Plus Twenty-Nine Degrees.

For the Cits of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recyfi, and Characteristic More Hot Climate. From May to September, The Average Temperature at Night Plus Seventeen -Plus Nineteen, In the Afternoon Plus Twenty -Seven to Plus Twenty -eight Degrees. From January to march, the Average Temperature at Night is ABOUT THIRTY-Three, DURING THE DAY PLISTY-PLUS Thirty-Two Degrees.

In the South the Climate of the Country Subtropical. From June to august, The Average Temperature at Night Plus Eleven – Plus Twelve, In the Internoon Plus Saventeen – Plus Nineteen. In January, February and March, The Average Temperature at Night Plus Twenty-Plus Twenty-Onon, in the Afternoon, Plus Twenty-SEVEN TWENTY-Nine Degrees