What is Interesting for Algeria for Tourists?

Washed by the Mediterranean Sea from the North and Half -dried in the Sand of the Sahara, Algeria Liked the Tourists for a Long Time. Al-juzair (as the inhabits Themselves Call their Country), is in the neighborhood with tunisia and libya from theest, maali and niger farm the south, with maURITANIA, WITH Estern Sahara and Morocco from the West. In the North Along The Seashore Passes The Mountain Ridge Tel – Atlas, In Some Places Divided by Bays and Plains.


Algeria – A Muslim Country with a Centuries -old History. Foreigners are Primarily Offhed to Make Excursions to the ruins of Ancient Cities Remaining the Romans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, BYZANTINES, TURKS. Algerian Cits that has survved in time also attrasts with many platacs for tourist pilgrimage. Algeria is not only the name of the state, but also its capital, located on the coast of the mediterranean sea. Arriving in the City, EVERY TOURIST MUST VISBU – The Ancient Urban District with Narrow Streets and One -story Houses with Flat Roofs, Which Are Replaced By Magnific Magnificant Mosquent Mosquem D Other Buildings that Amaze The Imagination with A Magical Oriental Style. You must also just the Sidarrahman Cidd-Samig and the Jami-Jadida Mosque, Which Remained After Turkish Dominance.